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Pool of Experts

Research Committees A-D assess responsive mode research grant applications. Each Committee has a core membership that is complemented at meetings by additional members drawn from the Pool of Experts.

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Peer review

Please note that this list is constantly under review. Members are appointed for one year in the first instance with a maximum service of six years or 12 meeting attendances (whichever occurs first).

Anyone interested in serving on the pool will need to apply through our online application system. Calls will be held annually and will be open in late spring (usually April and May) for a meeting in early October and a decision late October/early November.

To see if there is a call open, visit our Committee/Pool membership page (see related links).


Dr Paolo Actis – Bio Nano Consulting
Dr Sohail Tahir Ali – Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Luke Alphey – The Pirbright Institute
Daniel Altmann – Imperial College London

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Professor Ruth Baker – University of Oxford
Simon Baker – Bioline Reagents Ltd
Clair Baldock – The University of Manchester
Dr Geoff Baldwin – Imperial College London
Professor Mark Banfield – John Innes Centre
Georgios Banos – SRUC
Jose Bengoechea – Queen's University Belfast
Colin Bingle – The University of Sheffield
Dr Michael Birkett – Rothamsted Research
Michael Blackburn – The University of Sheffield
Professor Michael Blatt – University of Glasgow
Vania Braga – Imperial College London
Peter Bramley – Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Lorraine Brennan – Newcastle University
Collette Britton – University of Glasgow
Professor Alistair J P Brown – University of Aberdeen
Julian Burke – Genetix Ltd
Dr Alessia Buscaino – University of Kent

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Mark Caddick – University of Liverpool
Dr Yizhi Cai – University of Edinburgh
Grant Campbell – The University of Manchester
Martin Cann – Durham University
Dr Roxana Octavia Carare – University of Southampton
Dr Ruaidhri Carmody – University of Glasgow
Jennifer Susan Cavet – The University of Manchester
Dr David Chandler – The University of Warwick
Dimitrios Charalampopoulos – University of Reading
Professor Divya Maitreyi Chari – Keele University
Michael Cheetham – University College London
Dr Yin Chen – The University of Warwick
Professor John Christie – University of Glasgow
Michael Clague – University of Liverpool
Dr John Clarkson – The University of Warwick
Professor Matthew Cobb – The University of Manchester
Tracey Coffey – The University of Nottingham
Michael Coleman – The Babraham Institute
Stuart Conway – University of Oxford
Dr Sonia AL Correa – University of Bradford
Neil Crout – The University of Nottingham
Professor Mark Crowe – University College Dublin, School of Veterinary Medicine
Dr Peter B. Crowley – NUI Galway, Ireland
Dr Vincent Cunliffe – The University of Sheffield

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Dr Gabriela da Silva Xavier – Imperial College London
Dr Janet Daly – The University of Nottingham
Tim Daniell – James Hutton Institute
Brendan Davies – University of Leeds
Benjamin Davis – Vernalis Research Ltd
John Davis – Selcia Ltd
Seth Davis – University of York
Marian Dawkins – University of Oxford
Dr James Deverill – University of Stirling
Deirdre Devine – University of Leeds
Simone Di Giovanni – Imperial College Lodnon
Dr Vanessa Diaz – University College London
Dr Stephanie Diezmann – University of Bath
Professor Alan Dobson – University College Cork, National University of Ireland Cork
Antony Dodd – University of Bristol
Dr Alex Douglas – University of Aberdeen
Ian Dunn – The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh

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Dylan Edwards – University of East Anglia
Professor Richard Emes – The University of Nottingham
Dr Darren Evans – University of Hull
Dr Nicholas David Evans – University of Southampton
Claire Eyers – University of Liverpool
Dr Patrick Eyers – University of Liverpool

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Stuart Farrow – GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Heather Ferguson – University of Glasgow
Dr Robin Flynn – The University of Nottingham
Andrew Forge – University College London
Christine Foyer – University of Leeds
Peter Fraser – The Babraham Institute
Dr Rupert Fray – The University of Nottingham

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Joseph Gallagher – University of Aberystwyth
A Ganesan – University of East Anglia
Steven Goodbourn – St.George's, University of London
Professor Julian Gough – University of Bristol
Dr Simon Paul Graham – The Pirbright Institute
Professor Chris Grant – The University of Manchester
Dr Stuart Robert Gray – University of Glasgow
David Griffiths – Moredun Research Institute
Professor Joachim Gross – University of Glasgow
Dr Jose Gutierrez-Marcos – The University of Warwick

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David Haig – The University of Nottingham
Helen Hailes – University College London
Dr John Hammond – The Pirbright Institute
Jonathan Hanley – University of Bristol
Professor Nicholas Harberd FRS – University of Oxford
Margaret Harnett – University of Glasgow
Dr Richard Harrison – East Malling Research
Dr Phillip Thomas Hawkins – The Babraham Institute
Dr Sam Hay – The University of Manchester
Denis Headon – The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh
Dr Matthew Heard – NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Matthew Heggarty – Aberystwyth University
Marion Hetherington – University of Leeds
Dr Emma Hodson-Tole – Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Mark Holmes – University of Cambridge
David Hopkins – Heriot-Watt University
Stefan Hoppler – University of Aberdeen
Lilian Hook – Plasticell Ltd
Dr Louise Elizabeth Horsfall – The University of Edinburgh
Dr Paul Hoskisson – University of Strathclyde
John Hunt – University of Liverpool
Matthew Hutchings – University of East Anglia

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Mark Isalan – Imperial College London

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Alfonso Jaramillo – The University of Warwick
Professor Oliver Jensen – The University of Manchester
Lars Jeuken – University of Leeds
Rosalind John – Cardiff University
Keith Jones – University of Southampton
Owen Jones – Lisk & Jones Consultants Ltd
Patrik Jones – Imperial College London

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Dr Neil Kad – University of Kent
Angela Karp – Rothamsted Research
Elad Katz – AMS Biotechnology
Stephen Kearsey – University of Oxford
Steven Kelly – Swansea University
Diane Kelly – Swansea University
Gavin Kelsey – The Babraham Institute
Raheela Khan – The University of Nottingham
Professor Andrzej Michal Kierzek – University of Surrey
John Knight – Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Thomas Knopfel – Imperial College London
Dr Anne-Marie Krachler – University of Birmingham
Torsten Krude – University of Cambridge

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Professor Majlinda Lako – Newcastle University
Dr Heike Laman – University of Cambridge
Professor Simon Langley-Evans – The University of Nottingham
Tracy Lawson – University of Essex
Peter Leadlay – University of Cambridge
Mark Leake – University of York
Dr Jonathan Lee – University of Birmingham
Dr Anthony Lewis – University of Portsmouth
Dr Patrick Lewis – University of Reading
Rohan Lewis – University of Southampton
Dr John Liddell – Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Georg Lietz – Newcastle University
Elena Lurie-Luke – Procter & Gamble

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Dr Neil Mabbott – The University of Edinburgh
Dr Stuart MacNeill – University of St Andrews
Karl Matter – University College London
Dr Jody Mason – University of Bath
Dr Tom Matheson – University of Leicester
Professor Jacqueline Matthews – Moredun Research Institute
Dr Louise Matthews – University of Glasgow
Anthony Maxwell – John Innes Centre
Alan McCarthy – University of Liverpool
Dorothy McKeegan – University of Glasgow
Professor John McLaughlin – The University of Manchester
Markus Meissner – University of Glasgow
Irene Miguel-Aliaga – Imperial College London
Dr Gareth Miles – University of St Andrews
Malcolm Andrew Mitchell – Scotland’s Rural University College
Shabaz Mohammed – University of Oxford
Professor Carmen Molina-Paris – University of Leeds
Dr Mark Mooney – Queen's University of Belfast
Professor Carolyn Moores – Birkbeck College
Dr Helen Mott – University of Cambridge
Irene Mueller-Harvey – University of Reading
Dr Daniel Mulvihill – University of Kent
Fraser Murray – Shire Pharmaceuticals
Dr Patrick Murray – Limerick Institute of Technology

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James Naismith – St Andrews University
Johnathan Napier – Rothamsted Research
Richard Napier – The University of Warwick
Roy Neilson – James Hutton Institute

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Peter O'Connor – The University of Warwick
Dr Alex O'Neill – University of Leeds
Giles Oldroyd – John Innes Centre
Richard Oliver – Curtin University (Australia)
Dr Tim Overton – University of Birmingham
Professor Petra Oyston – Dstl

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Mark Paget – University of Sussex
Mark Pallen – The University of Warwick
Yuriy Pankratov – The University of Warwick
Luminita Paraoan – University of Liverpool
Dr Joao Passos – Newcastle University
Dr Bhavik Anil Patel – University of Brighton
Professor Matthew Paul – Rothamsted Research
Steven Penfield – University of Exeter
Dr Rasmus Petersen – The University of Manchester
Dr Mark Pfuhl – King's College London
Mary Kathryn Phillips-Jones – University of Central Lancashire
Dr Teuta Pilizota – The University of Edinburgh
Dr Ines Pineda-Torra – University College London
Professor Andrew Pitt – Aston University
Yannis Pitsiladis – University of Glasgow
Karen Polizzi – Imperial College London
Philip Poole – University of Oxford
Neil Press – Novatis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Professor Paulo Prodöhl – Queen's University of Belfast

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Andrew Randall – University of Exeter, University of Bristol
Adrian Rees – Newcastle University
Espen Rimstad – Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Michael Roberts – Lancaster University
Gary Robinson – University of Kent
Professor Sian Robinson – University of Southampton
Tina Roose – University of Southampton
David Roper – The University of Warwick
Dr Katja Röper – MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Dr Ezio Rosato – University of Leicester
Stephen Royle – The University of Warwick
John Runions – Oxford Brookes University
George Russell – Moredun Research Institute

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Sikha Saha – University of Leeds
Linda Scobie – Glasgow Caledonian University
Chris Seal – Newcastle University
Christopher Secombes – University of Aberdeen
Dr Jaswinder K. Sethi – Formerly at University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Labs (14 years)
Elizabeth Shaw – University of Reading
Ben Sheldon – University of Oxford
Craig Smith – The University of Manchester
Victoria Smith – University of St Andrews
Mike Snaith – MedImmune
Professor Olivier Sparagano – Coventry University
Dr Corinne Michelle Spickett – Aston University
Professor Shankar Srinivas – University of Oxford
Nicola Stanley-Wall – University of Dundee
Marshall Stark – University of Glasgow
Patrick Steel – University of Durham
Professor Gero Steinberg – University of Exeter
Dr Dov Joseph Stekel – The University of Nottingham
Gary Stephens – University of Reading
Martin Stevens – University of Exeter
Dr Alan James Stewart – University of St Andrews
Dr David Stock – Syngenta
Nicola Stonehouse – University of Leeds
Dr Eugen Stulz – University of Southampton
Ramana Sundara – Nestle Product Technology Centre
Dr Jeremy Bruton Sweet – J T Environmental Consultants
Dr Steve Sweet – University of Sussex
Mark Szczelkun – University of Bristol
Francis Szele – University of Oxford

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Eriko Takano – The University of Manchester
John Tarlton – University of Bristol
Eran Tauber – University of Leicester
Professor Ali Tavassoli – University of Southampton
Dr Elma Tchilian – The Pirbright Institute
Professor Matthew J Terry – University of Southampton
Gavin Hugh Thomas – University of York
Professor Dylan Thompson – University of Bath
Dr Andrew John Thompson – Cranfield University
Professor Paul Thornalley – University of Warwick
Professor Mahmut Tor – University of Worcester
Krude Torsten – University of Cambridge
Stephen Tucker – University of Oxford
Mick Tuite – University of Kent
Lorraine Tyler – University of Cambridge

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Miguel Valvano – Queen's University Belfast
Pieter van West – University of Aberdeen
Elizabeth Veal – Newcastle University

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Keith Waldron – Institute of Food Research
Daniel Walker – University of Glasgow
Dr Donal (Daniel) Wall – University of Glasgow
Mark Wallace – University of Oxford
Dr Yuqin Wang – Swansea University
Elizabeth Warburton – University of Bristol
Professor Sarah Waters – University of Oxford
Steve Watson – University of Birmingham
Dr Mark Webber – University of Birmingham
Martin Welch – University of Cambridge
Andrew Welchman – University of Cambridge
Dr Joern Werner – University of Southampton
Dr Simone Weyand – University of Cambridge
Tanya Whitfield – The University of Sheffield
Martin Wickham – Leatherhead Food Research
Peter Williams – Associated British Agriculture
Professor Gary Williamson – University of Leeds
Dr Anthony James Wilson – The Pirbright Institute
Zoe Wilson – The University of Nottingham
Dr Martyn David Winn – Science and Technology Facilities Council
Jason Wolf – University of Bath
Dr Tuck Seng Wong – The University of Sheffield
James Wood – University of Cambridge
Mark Woolhouse – The University of Edinburgh

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Liming Ying – Imperial College London

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Dr Dimitrios Zeugolis – National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway)

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