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Spend by region and institution

BBSRC spend 2014-2015: £453M

All figures given in £M.


Region Spend Institute/University
Eastern £161M JIC: £38.2M
Rothamsted: £35.5M
Babraham: £27.3M
IFR: £20.7M
Cambridge: £18.4M
TGAC: £12.1M
South East £70M Pirbright: £43.0M
Oxford: £12.2M
Southampton: £3.6M
Reading: £3.1M
Kent: £2.3M
Sussex: £1.9M
Scotland £59M Roslin: £19.9M
Edinburgh: £16.6M
Glasgow: £8.4M
Dundee: £4.1M
Aberdeen: £2.9M
St Andrews: £2.6M
James Hutton: £1.7M
Wales £12M IBERS: £8.4M
Cardiff: £3.0M
London £40M UCL: £13.3M
Imperial: £12.4M
KCL: £5.7M
North West £29M Manchester: £21.5M
Liverpool: £6.0M
East Midlands £19M Nottingham: £15.0M
Leicester: £3.1M
South West £19M Bristol: £11.8M
Bath: £2.2M
Exeter: £3.5M
West Midlands £18M Warwick: £12.3M
Birmingham: £4.5M
Yorkshire & Humberside £18M York: £5.9M
Sheffield: £5.8M
Leeds: £5.6M
North East £7M Newcastle: £5.1M
Durham: £2.1M
Northern Ireland £2M Queen's Belfast: £1.5M