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Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Strategy Advisory Panel

Industrial biotechnology (IB) is the use of biological resources – including plants, algae, marine life, fungi and micro-organisms – for producing and processing materials, chemicals and energy. We also include therapeutic protein production and tissue engineering in our IB remit.


  1. Developing and maintaining an overview of relevant research, training and knowledge exchange across the BBSRC community
  2. Maintaining an overview of the research, training and knowledge exchange activities supported by other sponsors nationally and internationally
  3. Advising on the strategic direction of BBSRC research, training and knowledge exchange to maintain UK competitiveness
  4. Advising BBSRC on building a multidisciplinary research community and supporting delivery of industrial biotechnology in the UK

These objectives are implemented through:

  • Research grants, training, and knowledge exchange awards
  • Organising and participating in meetings, conferences and workshops, together and in co-operation with other national and international funding agencies

We do not fund industry directly, but have various funding schemes (such as the Industrial Partnership Awards and LINK) allowing researchers to work collaboratively with industry on academic-based research projects. We also co-fund relevant projects with Innovate UK, which directly funds industry research projects.


Professor David Lawrence (Chair) – (Syngenta, recently retired)
Professor Colin Brownlee – Marine Biology Association, Plymouth
Dr Mark Carver – Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Dr Mike Dawson – Novacta Biosystems
Professor David Fell - Oxford Brooks University
Professor Mike Goosey – Shell, recently retired
Professor Ian Graham - University of York
Professor Nilay Shah – Imperial College London
Professor Alison Smith – University of Cambridge
Professor Gill Stephens - The University of Nottingham

Meeting dates and papers


11 November


8-9 May

13-14 November


19 June

7 November