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Appendix A7.3

Pay award 2016

1. Variable pay award increases to salaries

Pay award salary increases for 2016 are dependent upon performance and based upon a percentage of the Market Pay Point (MPP). Salary increases are restricted to an average 1% increase due to public sector pay policy austerity measures.

These increases will be effective from 1 July 2016 and any backdated payments will be made in the month of the pay award implementation.

Those under formal unsatisfactory performance/attendance measures on 1 July 2016 will not qualify for the annual pay award. If, at a later date performance improves to a commensurate level, managers will request that the increase is awarded from the date when the improvement is formally noted.

2016 Pay award salary increases

Band 2016 MPP Commensurate performance pay award 0.9% of MPP – full time rate* Exceptional performance pay award 1.07% of MPP – full time rate*
Band A £16,237 £146 £174
Band B £20,594 £185 £220
Band C £26,297 £237 £281
Band D £32,670 £294 £350
Band E £41,572 £374 £445
Band F £53,028 £477 £567
Band G £64,035 £576 £685
Band H £78,497 £706 £840

*Awards for part-time employees will be pro-rated

2. Exceptional performance bonuses to those with exceptional performance (non-consolidated): (those identified as having exceptional performance for pay purposes)

Performance bonuses will be awarded to those identified as having exceptional performance (for pay purposes) over the 2015/16 appraisal year. Bonuses will be paid as a one off payment and are non-pensionable. These bonuses are in addition to in year bonus arrangements operated by individual Research Councils (team bonuses, corporate bonuses, spot bonuses etc.)

Pay award bonus

Band Exceptional performance bonus 2% of MPP – full time rate*
Band A £325
Band B £412
Band C £526
Band D £653
Band E £831
Band F £1,061
Band G £1,281
Band H £1,570

*Bonuses for part-time employees will be pro-rated

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3. Revised pay scales effective from 1 July 2016

  • The pay scales have been revised to more closely align the Market Pay Point (MPP) rates with external average benchmarks and to widen the pay bands for future salary growth by increasing the maxima.
  • Increases to the minima, Market Pay Point (MPP) and the maxima are detailed below.
  • Increases to the pay scales do not result in changes to individual salaries which are as set out in 3.1. above except where the salary after the pay award falls below the new band minimum. This is limited to some in Band B. In these cases an additional increase to the new band minimum will be made.

Pay scales from 1 July 2016

  Increases to 2015 pay scales
Band New minimum 2016 MPP New max Range of min to MPP Range of MPP to max To minimum To 2016 MPP To maximum
Band A £15,263 £16,237 £17,860 6% 10% 0.02% 5% 6%
Band B £18,946 £20,594 £23,680 8% 15% 1.53% 7% 13%
Band C £24,193 £26,297 £30,240 8% 15% 0.68% 4% 12%
Band D £30,056 £32,670 £37,570 8% 15% 0.52% 3% 10%
Band E £37,415 £41,572 £47,810 10% 15% 0.54% 4% 11%
Band F £47,725 £53,028 £60,980 10% 15% 0.77% 4% 12%
Band G £57,632 £64,035 £73,640 10% 15% 0.05% 3% 6%
Band H £70,647 £78,497 £90,270 10% 15% 0.56% 4% 4%

4. Promotees

  1. Pay increases for staff promoted between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2106 will be based on pay in the higher band and, depending on the timing of promotion, could be based on their performance in their previous or higher band
  2. For staff promoted on or after 1 July 2016 the pay award will be applied to the salary and band as at 30 June 2106 and backdated payments will be based on the new salary between 1 July ;2016 and the day before promotion. The subsequent pay on promotion increases will be reviewed and, where necessary, adjusted in light of the pay award (including, where appropriate, increasing post-promotion pay to the relevant new band minimum). Any extra increase for the period from the date of promotion will be backdated to the date of promotion
  3. Where an individual is on temporary promotion on 1 July 2016, the pay increase will be applied to the salary in the temporary band

5. New starters joining on or after 1 July 2016

  1. New starters who joined on or after 1 July 2016 will not be due any increase or payment as part of the 2016 pay award
  2. The only exception to this will be new starters who joined on or after 1 July 2016 on a pay rate below the new minima in Bands A to G who will have their pay increased to the relevant new minimum from the date of joining

6. Leavers

Leavers after 30 June 2016 will be eligible for the pay award from 1 July 2016 ;(unless they are subject to formal unsatisfactory performance/attendance measures).

7. Allowances

  1. Allowances that are calculated as a percentage of base salary will go up in line with salary increases
  2. Arrangements concerning other allowances are separate to the pay consortium harmonised arrangements and will be dealt with separately between individual Research Councils and Local TU representatives

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Last updated 07/03/17
Amendment 199 – March 2017