15 October 2009 - Report to bioscience funder recommends action on niche areas of expertise
  • wetlands
  • deserts
  • mountains
  • forests
  • and even to the clouds in the sky!

Where is biodivesity? It's everywhere!

Since our planet began, life has evolved, shaped its own environments and spread to every corner from:

  • deep rocks
  • oceans
  • coral reefs
  • estuaries
  • grasslands

Extreme environments like Antarctic dry valleys support just a few specialist species, whereas the richness of rain forests stuns us with their diversity of life.

Is some biodiversity more valuable than the rest? No! Each organism has evolved to fit in a particular place and to find its own way of life.

We used to just observe and wonder at the variety of life. Now we are beginning to understand how it works and how important it is.

biodiversity butterfly Biodiversity

what on earth is it?