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ARC: Apply for funding

Call status: Open
Full call (invite only) appplication deadline: 15 May 2014

Approximately £5.5M of funding is available to support a portfolio of projects at 80% fEC. Guidance about the process for submitting outline applications are described in the call text (see downloads).


  1. Applications must fit with the ARC research challenges, as described in the call text (see downloads)
  2. Applications must fall within BBSRC's remit
  3. It is likely that the aims of this club can best be achieved by an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, we particularly encourage collaborative applications which bring together groups with relevant expertise or experience to move research closer to application
  4. Projects are typically 3-4 years in duration but projects up to 5 years will be considered


A workshop was held to promote the second call for applications on 31 October 2013 at RIBA, London. See links below for the workshop booklet and presentations:


Standard BBSRC eligibility rules, as described in section 3 of our grants guide, apply to this call. In addition, the contribution from Scottish Government means that all Main Research Providers (MRPs) to the Scottish Government are also eligible to apply for funding from this call.

How to apply

This call has a 2-stage application process. Stage 1 is closed, only stage 2 is open to applications (by invite only):

  1. Submit an outline application using the electronic form through the Je-S system (see external links)
    • A CV (maximum 2 pages; standard font and margin sizes) should be submitted for the principal investigator and each co-investigator
    • A completed case for support document (maximum 5 pages; see call text in downloads for guidance) should be uploaded to Je-S.
    • Refer to the Je-S guidance for outline applications in the help section of the Je-S site (see external links)
    • The proforma should include a summary of requested resources. Detailed justification of this request is not required at the outline stage. It is expected that the resources requested in a full application, if invited, reflect those in the outline application
  2. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full application by 15 May 2014
    • Further guidance will be made available to those applicants invited to submit a full application
    • Pathways to impact will be required at the full proposal stage and these should be formulated to meet the needs of the animal breeding, pharmaceutical and production industry sectors


Outline applications will be assessed by the ARC Steering Group and not reviewed externally. Applications will be shared with all the industry members of ARC to assess their industrial relevance.

Full applications will be peer reviewed prior to final assessment by the ARC Steering Group. 

Assessment criteria

The primary criteria for assessment are the quality of science proposed and the strategic relevance to ARC. These are included in the following criteria below:

  • Scientific excellence
  • Strategic relevance to ARC 
  • Timeliness and promise
  • Economic and social impact 
  • Value for money
  • Staff training potential of the project

Special conditions of funding

Recognising the financial support for the programme from industrial members of the club, it should be noted that special conditions will be attached to any research grants from ARC. A letter from the institution's technology transfer office or equivalent, acknowledging that the institution is able to accept those conditions, will be requested at the full proposal stage. The conditions are provided in full in the call text which is available in the downloads section above.


Faith Smith, Animal Health Research Club

tel: 01793 442802

Charlotte Bell, Animal Health Research Club

tel: 01793 413343