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ARC: Steering group and management

The Steering group includes both industrial and academic experts ensuring high quality, relevant research is funded. They:

  • establish the nature of research to be funded in each call
  • assess applications before making recommendations to Research Councils
  • are involved with the annual and final report reviews for funded projects which provide valuable feedback to researchers in project development and industrial application
  • play a key role in ensuring the club builds a community, encouraging interaction between industry and research teams at UK universities and institutes

ARC Academic members

Professor Quintin McKellar (Chair) - University of Hertfordshire
Professor Alan Archibald - The Roslin Institute
Dr Bryan Charleston - The Pirbirght Institute
Professor Eileen Devaney - University of Glasgow
Professor Laura Green - The University of Warwick
Professor Tom Humphrey - University of Liverpool
Professor Jamie Leigh - The University of Nottingham
Professor Randolph Richards - University of Stirling

ARC Industrial members

Mr Derek Armstrong - BPEX
Professor Willie Donachie - Moredun Scientific
Dr Theo Kanellos - Zoetis
Mr Ray Keatinge - Dairy Co
Mr Kim Matthews - EBLEX
Dr Alan Mileham - Genus
Dr Ian Tarpey - MSD Animal Health

The club is managed by BBSRC and research projects are awarded BBSRC grants using peer review processes as fully public funded research.

We have appointed external coordinators to work with the academic community to develop project proposals, monitor progress of funded projects and facilitate networking between the funded research groups and industry (contact details below).

External contact

Andy Tait, ARC coordinator

Kezia Williamson, ARC coordinator


Faith Smith, Animal Health Research Club

tel: 01793 442802

Charlotte Bell, Animal Health Research Club

tel: 01793 413343