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BRIC: Background

BRIC Club formation rationale

Biological products are large and complex molecules that require sophisticated manufacturing methods. The development phase is slow, expensive and complicated and, since speed to market is vital, there is a need for new tools and methods which will contribute to accelerating development.

In 2003 the Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team (BIGT) report highlighted these issues and recommended increased investment in bioprocessing research. In response we established a working group that identified key areas and important scientific challenges for further bioprocessing research activity.

In order to address these challenges, the Bioprocessing Research Industry Club (BRIC) was established by BBSRC, EPSRC and industry following the identification of the key industrially relevant bioprocessing research.

The Club supports:

Management support for BRIC is provided by the HealthTech & Medicines KTN, enabling a mechanism for the dissemination of research outputs and networking with industrial Club members.


The club operates by establishing a partnership between the Research Councils and a consortium of companies to support academic research.

Business drivers for BRIC

Expected BRIC outcomes