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BRIC2: Apply for funding

Call status: Closed

Invitations for full proposals from the outline stage were submitted by June 2012. The remaining £6M of BRIC2 funding will be invested in research projects and activities in the bioprocessing area following review in November 2012.

A third round of applications for the BRIC Doctoral Programme was launched in August 2012 and closed on the 11 October 2012.

This programme may award up to an additional 10 studentships in partnership with BRIC member companies. Further details can be found in the 'BRIC doctoral programme' section.

As of February 2013 more than £6M of BRIC funding and 10 additional studentships have been awarded to enhance the development of biopharmaceuticals. For further information go to our press release:  £6.5M in funding to help manufacture the drugs of the future.


External contact

Dr Mark Bustard, Head of Biopharmaceuticals and Bioprocessing, HealthTech and Medicines KTN

mob: 07920 202649

Professor Andy Lyddiatt, BRIC Programme Manager

tel: 01207 583615


Andrew Staphnill, Business Interface Manager

tel: 01793 444287
fax: 01793 414674