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Crop Improvement Research Club (CIRC)

A £7.06M, 5-year partnership between BBSRC, The Scottish Government and a consortium of leading companies, aimed at supporting innovative and excellent research to underpin the development of improved crop varieties that deliver increased productivity and consistent, high quality end products.

Its themes are:

  • To support research leading to improved crop productivity
    Sustainable improvements in crop productivity are important for increasing the volume of food the UK can produce, for limiting the land needed to produce this food and for improving the efficiency with which resources are used in crop production
  • To support research leading to improved crop quality
    Improving quality can help to improve the processing, safety and nutritional value of crop products whilst also improving resource use efficiency. By understanding quality traits better there will also be scope for generating greater consistency in quality against a background of variation in growing conditions

CIRC will support research on oilseed rape, barley and wheat and their uses in food production for humans and animals.

The lead contact for this club is Jennifer Postles, tel: 01793 413366 or email:

  • CIRC: Background

    Including Industry Club Members and Steering Group, general research areas

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