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HAPI: Apply for funding

Call status: Closed

Successful applications from the last call to be announced in early 2015.

On 13 January 2014, we invite submissions to the second HAPI call. Approximately £4M of funding is available to support a portfolio of projects at 80% fEC. Guidance about the process for submitting outline proposals are described in the call text (see downloads section).


Consortia building workshop

This was hosted to promote the second call for applications on 20 January 2014. Academic and industry representatives attended to:

Presentations and other documents from the workshop are available below:

Introduction - Faith Smith, David Cole, Mary Bosley (PDF 2.45MB)

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Workshop booklet, including attendee information (PDF 1.04MB)

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Elevator pitches (PDF 6.76MB)

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Standard BBSRC eligibility rules, as described in section 3 of our grants guide (see related links), apply to this call.

Some of the Main Research Providers (MRPs) to the Scottish Government, namely the Moredun Research Institute, The James Hutton Institute and Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS), are not eligible. 

All projects must have at least one industry collaborator. Industry collaborators are expected to have production, manufacturing or research sites in the UK. Industry partners are not eligible to receive funding and must cover their own costs for participation in the projects.

10% of the total project costs (100% fEC) should be provided by the industry partners, 5% should be cash which will be paid directly to the research institutions in the project. We will fund the remaining costs for successful awards at 80%. Please see financial guidelines in the downloads section for further information.

How to apply

There is a 2-stage application process. Stage 1 is closed to applications.

The information below describes the procedure for the outline stage only:


Outline applications will be assessed by the HAPI Steering Group and not reviewed externally.

Full applications will be peer reviewed prior to final assessment by the HAPI Steering Group.

Assessment criteria

The primary criteria for assessment are the quality of science proposed and the strategic relevance to HAPI. These are included in the following criteria below:

Intellectual property

The primary aim of this initiative is to gain underpinning knowledge which can then be applied to agri-food production, rather than the development of new products/technology itself. Therefore, in line with standard Research Council terms and conditions, the institution awarded the grant will own any intellectual property rights arising from the research grant in the first instance. As all projects must have at least one industry collaborator, the lead applicant's technology transfer office (or equivalent) should discuss the terms of the collaboration with all members of the consortium (academic and industrial) prior to application. A letter summarising the proposed terms of the collaboration will be a requirement at the full application stage. Should the application be funded, a signed collaboration agreement will be required before work starts on the grant.

Industrial partners on grants who wish to contribute background IP or offer in-kind services, must do so on the understanding that the terms and conditions of grant, including the dissemination of results, will remain the same unless agreed otherwise by the funders.