Working with business:

Industry Fellowships Scheme

Call status: Closed
Next application deadline: 2015 TBC 

Appointments are funded by BBSRC, the Royal Society, BP plc., Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Natural Environment Research Council and Rolls-Royce plc..

The scheme aims to:

It is anticipated that fellows will establish personal and corporate links between the 2 sectors in the UK as a foundation for their long-term future development.

Fellowships can run for 2 years full time, or up to 4 years part-time, where fellows maintain a working relationship with their home institution throughout.

During the length of the fellowship the fellow remains employed with their home institution with salary costs covered by the fellowship. Research expenses may also be claimed up to the value of £2000 per year.

How to apply

Applications are invited twice a year. For further details and to apply please contact the Royal Society (see external links), who administer this scheme.

Visit The Royal Society website

Case studies

Dr Katherine Smart, Oxford Brookes University, working for 2 years with Scottish Courage Brewing Ltd

“This was the most amazing opportunity to spend 2 years conducting research in an industrial context. It has given me time to develop my research in an entirely new direction. I would recommend the fellowship wholeheartedly.”

Prof Lynne Macaskie, University of Birmingham, working part-time for 4 years at C-Tech Innovation Ltd

“The scheme provides an excellent way to bridge the gap between academic research and an industrial working environment. The fellowship enabled me to see first hand how new ideas and techniques are implemented in the market place.”