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Committee Chairs' meeting: full ranked list approved and funding cut off agreed

Committee Chairs and the Director of Research receive the committees’ rank order of research applications and decide the final funding cut-off based on advice from the Director of Finance. Applications from New Investigator, Industrial Partnership Award and Government Partnership Award schemes are viewed favourably when determining funding cut-offs.

Please note that :

  • Awards are approved based on a common % success rate across all of the committees
  • Neither the office nor Committee Chairs can overturn the prioritisation order agreed by the committees
  • Decisions can usually be given to applicants within 1 week of consideration by the Committee Chairs. The turnaround from application deadline to decisions being made available is approximately 26 working weeks. Formal decision letters are usually sent out later
  • Details of successful applications will be published on the BBSRC website as soon as possible









SSC pre-award application processing

tel: 01793 867126