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PI informed of outcome

Awarded grants

Successful applicants receive an announcement letter detailing the level of award and the terms and conditions. Successful applicants also receive:

  • An acceptance form, which must be returned within 1 month of the research grant announcement date
  • A starting certificate, which must be returned once the first member of staff is in post. Grants must start within 6 months of the requested start date or the award is withdrawn

Details of awarded grants will normally be transferred to our awarded grants database, and other publicly available databases. A list of successful grants will be published on our website.

Conditional awards

These are given when the committee requires further information to justify the award.

Applicants given a conditional award will receive a letter outlining the conditions, which need to be satisfied. Awards are approved if the Committee Chair and the office are satisfied that all conditions have been met.

Unfunded applications

Applicants below the funding cut-off receive a letter informing them that their application was unsuccessful. If the applicant contacts the office they will be given, where possible, brief reasons why the application was not successful. However, they will also be advised that the committee did not encourage a resubmission. The office cannot invite a resubmission except on the advice of the committee. The office will not disclose the identity of the IMs or referees who assessed the application and it is inappropriate for the applicant to contact committee members directly.

Applications that fall well below the funding range are unlikely to have been discussed in detail, if at all, by the Committee. In these circumstances it is unlikely that there will be any further information available to the applicant other than that already given in the referees’ comments.

Invited resubmission

The committee can invite a resubmission where it is convinced that the new application will be competitive with other applications in a future round, provided its advice is followed. An invitation to resubmit will include clear and specific guidance regarding the information required in the new proposal. The applicant will be informed that, if resubmitted, the revised application will go through the full peer review procedure in competition with applications submitted to the new round and that there is no commitment by us to support the project.

Post-award queries

Queries made after the award has been accepted should be referred to post-award administration.


SSC pre-award application processing

tel: 01793 867126

SSC post-award administration

tel: 01793 867121