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About Pathways to Impact

This assessment statement, together with the Impact Summary, outlines the wider benefits of the research to the public sector, commercial private sector, third sector and/or the wider public.

Plans for engaging with academic audiences may be included but only where these form part of the critical pathway towards economic and societal impact. This pathway must be clearly articulated.

A good Pathways to Impact statement should be:

  • project specific and have very clear deliverables
  • describe societal and economic deliverables and milestones instead of focussing on just scientific deliverables
  • plan to deliver activities pertinent to the project instead of a focus on track record or routine activities for University post
  • consider broader beneficiaries, likely impact on them and appropriate mechanisms for realising these potential impacts
  • focussed on knowledge exchange and impact generation rather than narrowly focused, end focused or purely for dissemination purposes
  • clearly laid out in terms of timelines when each impact activity will be carried out

Further information is available from the RCUK website (please see external links).


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