Support for sequencing

Large-scale DNA sequencing

In recognition of the increasing requirement for sequencing in research, large-scale DNA sequencing needs will be assessed as research grant applications in competition with others in normal responsive mode.

There is no special fund or assessment procedure for applications including sequencing.

The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) is a national resource that builds on and extends the UK's existing capacity for genomics through sequencing and analysis of animal, plant and microbial genomes. TGAC is committed to working with partners in other institutes and universities and with international centres.

If you wish to include sequencing at TGAC in your grant application you must complete a Technical Assessment Form (TAF) and submit to TGAC for comments and costing, allowing 4 working weeks for it to be processed and returned to you. See the TGAC website for more information and to download the TAF. Once complete, send your TAF to the TGAC enquiry contact below.

If your grant application includes large-scale or whole genome sequencing you should include the following information, in addition to the standard scientific case for support:

Very large whole genome sequencing projects are unlikely to be supported outside the context of international collaborations. Contact us for advice on this if needed.

Where no suitable UK academic partner for sequencing can be found, we will consider funding the acquisition of sequence from industrial and/or overseas sources. Your choice of sequencing organisation should be justified in terms of scientific suitability and cost effectiveness by following the guidelines above when completing your application.