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Synthetic Biology ERA-NET – 1st joint call

Call status: Closed
Previous call: 13 May 2013 – 26 August 2013


In collaboration with 12 European countries and the USA

Funding total

BBSRC has made £2.6M available for the UK component of funded the consortia, with a funding total pot for all participating countries around £13.5M. Please see further details in the list of awards document below.

Number of projects funded


Previous awards (PDF 196KB)

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To build European Synthetic Biology capacity through innovative transnational projects.

Key aims

The projects could originate from one or more of the following scientific (sub) fields:

  • Metabolic engineering: Attaining new levels of complexity in modification of biosynthetic pathways for sustainable chemistry.
  • Regulatory circuits: Inserting well-characterised, modular, artificial networks to provide new functions in cells and organisms.
  • Orthogonal biosystems: Engineering cells to expand the genetic code to develop new information storage and processing capacity (xeno nucleic acids) and protein engineering.
  • Bionanoscience: Developing molecular-scale motors and other components for cell-based machines or cell-free devices to perform complex new tasks.
  • Minimal genomes: Identifying the smallest number of parts needed for life as a basis for engineering minimal cell factories for new functions.
  • Protocells: Using programmable chemical design to produce (semi-)synthetic cells

Applications where expected to demonstrate multidisciplinarity with the primary focus of the UK component of joint applications falling within our remit.

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