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Resilience of the UK food system in a global context

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Call status: Closed
Next call opens: September 2016
Previous call: 14 September 2015 – 27 October 2015


  • ESRC
  • NERC
  • Scottish Government

Funding total

BBSRC, ESRC, NERC & Scottish Government are contributing £14.5M.


To address a major food security challenge: ‘Resilience of the UK food system in a global context’.

Key aims

The programme will integrate biological, environmental and social sciences to support interdisciplinary projects addressing one or more of the following key themes (these are all interlinked and proposals that address aspects of more than one theme are strongly encouraged):

  1. Optimising the productivity, resilience and sustainability of agricultural systems and landscapes
    At the core of this theme is understanding the relationship and trade-offs between resilience, sustainability to deliver production systems balancing the provision of food with other ecosystem services. This will help address the challenge of feeding a growing population sustainably; ensuring improved environmental, social and economic outcomes.
  2. Optimising resilience of food supply chains both locally and globally
    This theme is focused on understanding the economic, environmental, biological and social factors affecting the food supply chain, and the interplay between these, to increase resilience of the food system at a local-to-global level.
  3. Influencing food choice for health, sustainability and resilience at the individual and household level
    Central to this theme is understanding the drivers behind food choices and how these impact on the wider food system and production, in order to identify interventions that result in in provision of nutritious and sustainable food in more resilient and equitable ways.

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