Research grants:


Stage 1 – outline proposals
Stage 2 – full proposal

Stage 1 – outline proposals

Outline proposals are assessed by members of the Strategic Lola Committee (SLC). Outline proposals are not sent to reviewers.

The SLC will consider three sub-headed questions for each outline proposal:  

  1. Is this an important bioscience research area?
    • How will this research advance the field?
    • What is the anticipated potential impact(s) of this research?
    • How does it address our strategic priorities?
    • How does it address the strategic priorities of the applicants' institution(s)?
  2. Is this the best team to address the problem?
    • Is the PI's track record and expertise appropriate to lead the project?
    • Does the PI have the leadership abilities to successfully complete the strategic LoLa? E.g. does the PI have experience of leading and managing large research programmes?
    • Do the Co-Is (where included) have expertise appropriate to the project, have clearly defined roles, and have they committed sufficient time to the strategic LoLa project so that the objectives are successfully met?
    • Is the project management appropriate for the complexity of the project?
  3. Is a strategic LoLa necessary to address the proposed research problem?
    • Is there a clear added benefit from funding this work as a single project?

Due to the limited information available and a lack of external peer review, the SLC is not asked to undertake a full scientific appraisal of the project at the outline stage.

The SLC will also evaluate the proposals in terms of:

Based on the questions above, the Strategic Lola Committee will decide which outline proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal.


Feedback will be provided to those applicants who are invited to make a full proposal. The feedback will be provided based on discussions at the SLC, and may include comments on:

Feedback will also be provided for unsuccessful applicants.

Stage 2 – full proposal

Full proposals are assessed in responsive mode by the most relevant Research Committee (A, B, C, or D). Details of responsive mode assessment criteria can be found in our Grants Guide.

All full proposals are then evaluated by the Strategic LoLa Committee (SLC), which meets approximately 1 month after the Research Committees. The SLC will take into account the referees' comments, the applicants' response, and the assessment of the proposal by the Research Committee.

The SLC will also consider:

The SLC generates a rank-ordered list to identify the full proposals that are recommended for funding.