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Strategic LoLa Committee


The Strategic LoLa Committee (SLC) comprises:

  • 3 members of BBSRC Council (including both academic and industrial members)
  • Chairs and Deputy Chairs of the 4 Research Committees
  • Chairs of Follow-on fund and Committee E
  • Additional members may be invited as appropriate

In attendance: Executive Directors and Associate Director of BBSRC's Science Group and Innovation and Skills Group and Heads of Strategy Sectors.

Terms of reference

  • To evaluate Strategic LoLa proposals at both the outline and full proposal stages and consider their relevance to strategic priorities, impact, and the BBSRC skills and capability agenda
  • To integrate the assessment with the scientific evaluation received from the relevant Research Committee
  • To ensure that strategic LoLa awards complement existing and future BBSRC funding priorities to provide a balanced portfolio of large research grant investments across the entire BBSRC remit
  • To create a rank-ordered list of outlines and use this list to invite a number of full proposals based on the potential available funding, as determined by BBSRC
  • To create a rank-ordered list of full proposals and recommend funding of top-ranking proposals. BBSRC Council has a role in overseeing the entire process to ensure transparency

SLC members at 2013 meeting (27/28 June 2013)

Professor John Stageman (Member of BBSRC Council) - AstraZeneca
Professor John Coggins (Member of BBSRC Council) - University of Glasgow
Dr Mike Goosey (Member of BBSRC Council) - Shell UK
Professor Nick Hartell (Chair, Committee A) - University of Leicester
Professor Melissa Bateson (Deputy Chair, Committee A) - Newcastle University
Professor Frank Sargent (Deputy Chair, Committee B) - University of Dundee
Dr Anthony Hall (Core Committee member, Committee B) - University of Liverpool
Professor Simon Hubbard (Chair, Committee C) - The University of Manchester
Professor Constanze Bonifer (Deputy Chair, Committee C) - University of Birmingham
Professor Chris Schofield (Chair, Committee D) - University of Oxford
Professor Simon Morley (Deputy Chair, Committee D) - University of Sussex
Professor John Birch (Committee member, Committee E) - Independent
Dr Paul Thomas (Chair, Follow-on fund Committee) - University of Cambridge