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Post-award management and case study

Interim report

As a condition of a Strategic LoLa award, the PI must complete an interim report during the third year of the grant. A report template will be provided.

Continuation of funding for the full period of the grant depends on the assessment of this interim report.

Case study

Light touch (red) and damage-sensing (green and blue) neuron cell bodies from spinal ganglia are the first cells involved in sensing innocuous and painful stimuli.

Molecular basis of touch and pain sensation

Professor John Wood and colleagues at University College London are using a LoLa award to understand how we detect heat, touch and painful sensations.

In a £3M project, neuroscientists, behaviouralists and geneticists are successfully using studies on transgenic mice to identify molecules in skin and nerve-endings that respond to non-noxious or painful stimuli.

The group believes their approach will also lead to targets for new types of painkillers. The painkillers should help the estimated 40M people worldwide suffering from chronic pain not adequately controlled by existing drugs.

Their detection of new candidate molecules was published in Science (2008, 321, 721-725).