Research funding:

Animal welfare programme

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Projects funded

  1. Advancing Animal Welfare Science: welfare assessment and early life programming
    University of Bristol, University of Oxford and Royal Veterinary College
  2. Perinatal programming of stress response and nociceptive mechanisms, and the welfare consequences
    University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Scottish Agricultural College and Roslin Institute
  3. Welfare of farm animals: Environmental perception, cognition, interaction and management of pigs and fowl
    Royal Veterinary College

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To improve our understanding of the science of animal welfare. The coordinated, complementary projects involve researchers from some of the UK’s veterinary schools and associated institutions with a track record in animal welfare science. The 3 projects include: assessment of welfare, the impact of stress in the womb and early life, pain mechanisms, cognition and perception, and animals’ interaction with their environment.

Key aims