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e-Learning for Systems Approaches

Funding total


No. of projects funded

1 (composed of 3 modules)
Project title: Systems Training in Maths, Informatics and Computational Biology (SysMIC) - a consortium comprising of: UCL, Birckbeck, the OU and The University of Edinburgh over the period of 5 years.

Award detail

BBSRC-funded PhD students and postdocs should contact their supervisor about getting access to the course. Non-BBSRC-funded students or researchers should contact SysMIC directly


To develop web-based courses to provide modular training to bioscience researchers in the theoretical components of systems biology across the UK bioscience community.

Key aims

Courses should be developed that comprise at least 3 modules to enable training to be provided at different levels to researchers:

  • Basic mathematics for systems biology
  • Introductory/basic module in systems biology
  • Intermediate/advanced module in systems biology

On completion of the course it is anticipated that bioscience researchers will have gained an understanding of the following key skills:

  • The ability to develop, and communicate, a rigorous conceptual and graphical model of a chosen biological system including the elements of network analysis
  • An understanding of the different sort of techniques often found in the "modeller's toolbox". What are differential equations, for example, and how can they be solved analytically and numerically
  • How to fit a model to data including the role of statistical analysis in estimating parameters and their variability
  • Some understanding of how models are coded in different programming environments (such as R, Matlab, C++) with some appreciation of which packages/languages are suitable for different problems
  • The concept of database management and an introduction to bioinformatic methods appropriate for systems biology