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Effects of environmental change on the soil-water interface: Implications for food production and water supply

Funding total


Number of projects funded


  • Fundamental basis of soil biological resilience - Karl Ritz, Cranfield University
  • A genetic dissection of traits required for sustainable water use in rice using Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) - Adam Price, University of Aberdeen
  • Truly predicting root uptake of water: Case study with wheat - Tiina Roose, Southampton

Key aims

  • Identify the likely effects of climate or other environmental changes on the soil-water interface, and their consequences for the quantity or quality of food production or water supply
  • Inform policies or practices for mitigating or adapting to those effects


External contact

Chris Rich, RERAD

tel: 0131 244 0820


Jef Grainger

tel: 01793 413139