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Animal welfare: measures and assessment



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Not yet awarded.

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To encourage more research in the field of measures and assessment of animal welfare, as applied to laboratory animals, livestock species, and companion animals.

Key aims

  • NC3Rs supports hypothesis driven and applied research relevant to any area of medical, biological or veterinary research or safety testing that will impact on one or more of the 3Rs - replacement of animals with non-animal methods, reduction of the number of animals used to obtain information of a given amount and precision, and refinement of scientific procedures and husbandry to minimize suffering and improve animal welfare
  • BBSRC supports basic, strategic and applied research relating to the understanding and exploitation of biological systems, including animal welfare research as a strategic priority. BBSRC does not support research focused on specific human diseases and disease processes or abnormal conditions. Studies involving animal models of human diseases and human toxicology are not in BBSRC remit