Bioinformatics and biological resources fund

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Active and completed grants awarded through the BBR fund.


To provide 'proper support for resources such as databases, genetic resources and culture collections which require long term maintenance and curation'.

Key aims

Panel members

Professor Geoff Barton (Chair) - University of Dundee
Professor Iain Donnison (Deputy Chair) - University of Aberystwyth
Dr Rosalind John - Cardiff University
Professor Jürg Bähler - University College London
Dr Sarah Butcher - Imperial College London
Dr Michael Csukai - Syngenta
Dr Joanne Dicks - The John Innes Centre
Professor Roderick Hubbard - University of York
Professor Andrzej Kierzek - University of Surrey
Dr Joao Pedro de Magalhaes - University of Liverpool
Professor Ian Stansfield - University of Aberdeen
Professor Nicholas Talbot - University of Exeter