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Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative - Phase 1: Capacity and Consortium-Building Awards


  • Defra 

A Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) initiative.

Funding total

Phase 1 of THAPBI was funded by Defra. Capacity and Consortium-Building Awards were completed by March 2013.

Number of projects funded

Defra funded seven Capacity and Consortium-Building Awards.


To fund high quality multidisciplinary projects in the area of tree health and associated plant biosecurity issues.

Initiative aims

  • To generate natural and social scientific knowledge to inform the development of innovative ways of addressing current and emerging threats to trees and woodland ecosystems from pathogens and pests
  • To support the future health and resilience of trees, woodlands and their associated ecosystems
  • To facilitate collaboration between specialists in tree or forest research, and leading-edge scientists from the wider natural, biological, social, economic or other relevant research communities
  • To encourage and make best use of interdisciplinary and systems approaches, and improve the impact and integration of social research and economics in this area