Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases

UK-US collaborative funding


Funding total

Not yet awarded.

Number of UK-US projects funded

Two projects were awarded.

  1. Risks of Animal and Plant Infectious Diseases through Trade (RAPID Trade)
    UK PIs: Piran White, University of York; Adam Kleczkowski, University of Stirling; Julia Touze Montero, University of York; and Jonathan Timmis, University of York
    US PIs: Charles Perrings, Arizona State University; Peter Daszak, Ecohealth Alliance; Richard Horan, Michigan State University; Michael Springborn, University of California, Davis.
    Co-funded with the US funding agency NSF.
  2. Mycobacterial Transmission Dynamics in Agricultural Systems: Integrating Phylogenetics, Epidemiology, Ecology, and Economics
    UK PI: Rowland Kao, University of Glasgow
    US PIs: Yrjo Grohn, Cornell University; Ynte H Schukken, Cornell University; Michael Stanhope, Cornell University; Loren Tauer, Cornell University; Scott Wells, University of Minnesota.
    Co-funded with USDA.  


To support research on the ecological, evolutionary, and socio-ecological principles and processes that influence the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases.

Key aims