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ERA-Net Bioenergy

Funding total


Number of grants funded

One UK grant was awarded.


Funding for innovative industrially relevant research and development projects

Key aims

  • Enhancing the ability to use residues, side streams and wastes in biorefinery systems, particularly for energy.
  • Upgrading of residues and co-products from current biorefinery systems to improve the overall economics of biofuel/bioenergy production.
  • Complete assessment of biorefinery concepts which combine different conversions processes (e.g. biological and chemical).
  • Improving robustness of microbial communities in order to allow for more flexibility regarding raw materials or pre-treatment.
  • Enhanced microbial strain development to meet the needs of an integrated biorefinery.
  • Algae biorefineries: Production of carbohydrates and lipids as well as valuable substances such as vitamins, PUFAs (e.g. DHA, EPA) or carotenoids, in combination with the use as a renewable energy source.

Projects are expected to start in early 2015.

Funding will be awarded on the basis of full economic cost as described in our grants guide (see related links).