Research funding:

National Institute on Aging: co-funding scheme

UK-US collaborative funding in the biology of ageing

Call status: Closed
BBSRC proforma deadline (cycle III): 5 September 2014, NIA application deadline (cycle III): 5 October 2014


In 2009, BBSRC and National Institute on Aging (NIA) funded six grants via the joint collaborative research on the biology of ageing initiative (see related links) whereby NIA funded the US partners (total $3M) and BBSRC funded the UK partners (total £2.6M).

To continue to encourage UK-US collaborations, BBSRC and NIA have established a co-funding scheme whereby BBSRC will support the UK component of joint UK-US projects submitted to the NIA grant funding system. Currently, up to £2M is available for this scheme.


The funders wish to encourage high quality, innovative collaborative research to advance the understanding in the biology ageing in the following specific topic areas only (ref 1):

The UK component must fall within our remit (see 'Our portfolio' in related links). We will not fund research directed at human pathology and disease. The US component should address NIA's remit.

Ref 1: We will consider any applications that fall outside the specified topic areas, but all potential applications must address our 'Ageing - lifelong health and wellbeing' strategic priority (see related links) and applicants must contact BBSRC prior to beginning the submission process. Our decision will be based on the strategic importance of the proposal to BBSRC.

How to apply

Application downloads

Supplementary guidance (PDF 44KB)

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Expression of interest form (DOC 46KB)

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Additional information for UK partners

Key dates

Cycle II Cycle III
Deadline for submssion of Je-S proforma to BBSRC 8 May 2014, 5pm (closed) 5 September 2014, 5pm
Deadline for submission of standard R01 applications to NIA 5 June 2014 5 October 2014
NIA scientific merit review October/November 2014 February/March 2015
NIA Advisory Council round January 2015 May 2015
Earliest project start date April 2015 July 2015

External contact

Scientific queries:
Dr. David Finkelstein, Program Director, Division of Aging Biology National Institute on Aging

Tel: ++1 301 496-6402


For specific UK issues or BBSRC scientific remit queries

Louisa Jenkin, Strategy and Policy Manager – Ageing: Lifelong health wellbeing

Tel: +44 1793 413352

Sarah Plowman, Strategy and Policy Officer – Bioscience for health

Tel: +44 1793 442196