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Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (theme 1): Understanding resistant bacteria in the context of the host

This call was a cross-council initiative led by MRC



Funding total

BBSRC contributed a total of £2M to grants funded through theme 1 of this cross-council initiative.

Number of projects funded

4 innovation grants were funded – 2 with co-funding from BBSRC.

2 collaborative grants were funded, both with co-funding from BBSRC.

Focus of theme 1

The focus of the call is to drive forward innovative high quality multidisciplinary collaborative research to address the broad challenges presented in theme 1 in order to:

  • understand the resistant bacterium at molecular, cell and population levels
  • understand the context of host/pathogen interactions in humans and animals
  • identify and validate novel targets for new antibacterials
  • understand transmission of resistance in humans and animals


Sian Rowland