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Publication of Delivery Plan

May 2005

All Research Councils are publishing Delivery Plans as part of the 2004 Spending Review (SR2004) allocations process. The Plans set out each Council's funding priorities and outline the activities that they intend to undertake over the SR2004 period. In addition, the Research Councils have published details of their priorities and activities to promote and facilitate joint Council working in the RCUK Delivery Plan. The Delivery Plans are part of a comprehensive Performance Management Framework which will enable OST to demonstrate the contribution that each Research Council is making towards achieving government targets. This Framework includes a series of performance metrics (the 'Outputs Framework') and a set of targets and milestones arising from the activities set out in the Delivery Plan (the 'Scorecard'). Data relating to the Outputs Framework will be published at the end of each financial year, commencing with 2005/06. Progress against each Research Council's Scorecard will be updated quarterly.

The Delivery Plans have been developed following consultations with a broad range of stakeholders, including other Research Councils, and OST. The Plans have been written in the context of an OST Strategy for the Science Base, which itself draws on the Government's Science & Innovation investment framework 2004-2014. The Delivery Plans also take account of Research Councils' own visions and strategic priorities.

This funding will help Research Councils to realise the aims set out in the Government's recently published Science and Innovation framework 2004-2014.


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