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Dolly discrimination claim dismissed

October 2005

An employment tribunal has dismissed the claim that the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) discriminated against scientist Dr Prim Singh who had applied for the post of Director of the Babraham Institute.

BBSRC had consistently refuted allegations by Dr Prim Singh of racial discrimination and victimisation by not short-listing him for the Babraham post.

“In making scientific appointments, the BBSRC and the Babraham Institute place the highest priority on scientific excellence and research leadership, regardless of researchers’ gender, race, creed, sexual orientation and other personal factors,” said BBSRC Chief Executive, Professor Julia Goodfellow. “We use the judgement of leading researchers in procedures that are recognised and adopted internationally, such as review of the quality and volume of researchers’ published work, and then how well they fit the post description.”

BBSRC accepts criticism that it failed to follow all of its own procedures fully in this case. It is implementing remedial measures immediately.

Dr Singh has previously worked with researchers at the Roslin Institute who cloned the sheep Dolly. He has made separate allegations of discrimination against BBSRC and the Roslin Institute, which will be the subject of future judgements. The BBSRC and the Institute refute these allegations. Dr Singh had claimed that because of these allegations he had been victimised in not being short-listed for the Babraham post.


Matt Goode, Head of External Relations

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