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BBSRC's position on deposit of publications

28 June 2006

BBSRC is committed to encouraging its research community to make readily available the outputs from the research it funds. For awards from grant applications submitted from 1 October 2006, and for all projects funded at BBSRC-sponsored institutes and starting from 1 October 2006, BBSRC will require a copy of any resulting published journal article or conference proceedings to be deposited, at the earliest opportunity, in an appropriate e-print repository, wherever such a repository is available.

BBSRC will also encourage, but not formally oblige, all award holders and BBSRC staff to ensure deposit of articles arising from research grants and projects started before 1 October 2006.

Full implementation of these requirements requires that current copyright and licensing policies, such as embargo periods, are maintained by publishers and respected by authors. Under this policy, at no time will individual authors be required to negotiate copyright and licensing arrangements with their publishers.  The BBSRC will work with publishers to put in place mechanisms for publishers submitting publications on behalf of authors, where this is possible.

The grant conditions for BBSRC will be amended to provide guidance to grant holders and staff on the requirement for ensuring the deposit of material.


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