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Je-S Student Data Capture Project

19 December 2006

BBSRC is very pleased to be participating in a cross-Council project to develop new Je-S systems to support its studentships work, and the Je-S team are now running a series of regional seminars to explain the new systems. These seminars will be of interest to anyone involved in managing BBSRC postgraduate students at either Masters level or PhD level, and also to those involved in preparing applications to BBSRC's studentships competition.

There are two sides to the Je-S project:

  • A Student / Researcher Portal for the collection of data on the students who are funded from Training Grants and also the nomination of students to directly funded studentships (this builds on an existing EPSRC / MRC system)
  • Studentship Proposals, i.e. the process of applying for research council studentships

In early 2007, BBSRC will be asking institutions to use the Je-S Student / Researcher Portal to return information on the PhD students funded from the 2006 Doctoral Training Grants. The intention is then for the studentship calls in 2007 also to require applications to be submitted through the Je-S system.



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