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New Council member for BBSRC

23 April 2007

Dr Peter Ringrose, Chairman of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), has announced that the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry has appointed Professor Anne Dell FRS to BBSRC Council and has re-appointed two other members, with effect from 1 April 2007.

The re-appointed Council members are Professor David Delpy FRS and Professor A Jackie Hunter.

Dr Ringrose said: "I am delighted to welcome Anne Dell to BBSRC Council. She is an international authority on harnessing the power of the physical sciences to help answer questions in basic biology. Professor Dell's contribution to systems biology research is at the forefront of using data-rich biology to inspire new directions in research. This is a critical part of BBSRC's long-term vision for a predictive approach to the biosciences and for maintaining the UK's leading position in bioscience research.

"I am also pleased we will be able to continue to draw on the contributions of Professor Delpy and Professor Hunter."


Notes to editors

BBSRC Council is the senior decision making body responsible for determining the policy, priorities and strategy of BBSRC. BBSRC Council members receive an honorarium of £6,410pa.

Both Professor Dell's appointment and Professor Delpy and Professor Hunter's re-appointments are for a term of three years. Appointments are made in accordance with the OCPA Code of Practice.

All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process. However, in accordance with the original Nolan recommendations, there is a requirement for appointees' political activity (if any declared) to be made public. The appointees have not been involved in any relevant political activity in the last five years and have no other Ministerial appointments.

Details of Council Members' interests are available on the BBSRC website.

Professor Anne Dell
Professor Dell is Professor of Carbohydrate Biochemistry at Imperial College London.

Her research focuses on using high sensitivity mass spectrometry to solve the structures of the chains of sugar molecules on the surface of proteins, which play a key role in basic biological processes such as sperm-egg recognition and directing protective white blood cells to sites of infection.

Her research laboratory recently secured a $4M grant from the American National Institute of General Medical Sciences to continue its role as a core laboratory in the international Consortium for Functional Glycomics. Professor Dell's laboratory is the only one of the seven scientific 'cores' in the collaboration based outside of the USA. The research team contributes to the BBSRC Centre for Integrative Systems Biology at Imperial College (CISBIC).

Professor Dell is a BBSRC Professorial Fellow and has chaired BBSRC's Tools and Resources Strategy Panel since its inception in 2004.

Professor David Delpy
Professor Delpy is a Vice Provost at University College London where he is responsible for research strategy. He has been involved with the Research Councils through the grant reviewing panels of EPSRC and MRC. He has a good knowledge of both basic research and clinical demands from his work with the Medical Physics and Bioengineering Department of UCL. Professor Delpy was first appointed to BBSRC Council in 2004.

Professor A Jackie Hunter
Professor Jackie Hunter was first appointed to BBSRC Council in 2004. She is Senior Vice President & Head, Neurology & GI Centre of Excellence for Drug Discovery; GlaxoSmithKline. She has a broad range of biological expertise especially in the area of systems biology, genomics and pharmaceuticals. She has previously served on BBSRC's Strategy Board. She has also served on boards and panels for both BBSRC and MRC.


The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is the UK funding agency for research in the life sciences. Sponsored by Government, BBSRC annually invests around £380 million in a wide range of research that makes a significant contribution to the quality of life for UK citizens and supports a number of important industrial stakeholders including the agriculture, food, chemical, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.


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