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Science photo competition

7 July 2009

Are you mad about your science and handy with a camera? Making beautiful images that deserve a wider audience? So send them in to the inaugural BBSRC science photo competition.

We want to see images that capture:

  • The excitement of new knowledge
  • The intricacies of research
  • The sheer beauty of the natural world

Winning entries

We will be rewarding winners with up to £700 to spend on photography equipment, as well as promotion of the winning images in BBSRC Business magazine and other BBSRC publications.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all:

  • BBSRC-supported researchers
  • BBSRC PhD students

How to enter

Complete the entry form and send to the contact below by 30 November 2009.

Terms and conditions

  1. The promoter of the competition is the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) which is running the competition as part of its remit to generate public awareness of science and communicate research outcomes. It will also be fun
  2. The competition is open to BBSRC-funded scientists, BBSRC-institute staff and university PhD students only. BBSRC Swindon Office employees and their families are not eligible
  3. The competition commences in July 2009. The closing date is 30 November 2009. BBSRC reserves the right to extend the duration of the competition if necessary
  4. Each image entered must be assigned to 1 of the following 3 categories:
    • Illustrations of concepts in any area of contemporary bioscience research, including standard, generated or computer-manipulated images
    • Scientific images illustrating the science underpinning agriculture, food, and diet and health
    • Images of people that convey either the role of researchers or the impact of research on everyday life
  5. The total prize fund is £2500. The winner of each category will be awarded a £500 voucher for photography equipment. BBSRC will choose an overall winner from the 3 category winners who will receive an additional £200 voucher making a total prize of £700. Each runner-up will receive a £100 voucher
  6. Entries will be judged on aesthetic merit, and the ability to convey with creative flair complex scientific subjects in research, issues in science and society, life in research, as well as contemporary topics in bioscience (such as, but not limited to, food security, bioenergy, and health) that help fulfil BBSRC’s remit to disseminate knowledge and encourage public awareness and dialogue. Judges appointed by BBSRC will decide the winning entries and their decision is final
  7. Please send entries by e-mail to the contact below. Images on a CD will also be accepted and should be posted to:

    BBSRC Science Photo Competition
    Polaris House
    SN2 1UH

    Please note that we cannot return CDs
  8. Entrants may submit up to 6 images in each category. Images may not be entered in more than 1 category
  9. Entries must be in digital format (e.g. .jpg or .tif) at 300 dpi and between a minimum file size of 1MB and a maximum file size of 20MB. Images that have won a prize in any other major photo competition are not eligible, and negatives will not be accepted or returned
  10. Copyright of the entire image (before and after any manipulation) must be held by the entrant. BBSRC reserves the right to request confirmation of copyright
  11. All images should have been taken on, or after, 1 January 2006. BBSRC does not accept any liability for lost, damaged, delayed or incomplete entries
  12. All entries should be accompanied by a signed entry form and image captions written in plain English of up to 60 words describing the science, its implications and applications
  13. Entrants must declare if images have been manipulated (modified in Photoshop, for example, beyond light ‘touching up’) and are requested to provide details of when and where the image was taken and the camera or equipment used
  14. BBSRC reserves the right to retain a non-exclusive license in perpetuity to reproduce entries in any media for promotional purposes without providing payment for use, or claiming or affecting the copyright of the image which remains with the entrant


Science photo competition