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BBSRC Business

Connecting our science with industry, policy makers and society

Winter 2013



  • Pig genome could save our bacon

    An international consortium of scientists, including experts from three BBSRC-funded institutes, has published a high-quality analysis of the pig genome. The research, published in the journal Nature, will help to unlock new ways…

  • Barley genome could hold key to better beer

    An international consortium of scientists has published a high resolution draft of the barley genome. The research, published in the journal Nature, will help to produce new and better barley varieties that are vital for the beer…

  • Small weed helps unravel complex plant defence system

    Arabidopsis thaliana, or thale cress as it is commonly known, made history back in 2000 by becoming the first plant to have its entire genetic code read by scientists, contributing to what is often referred to as biology's…

  • Rapeseed oil gets biotech boost

    Vegetable oils are obtained from the seeds and fruits of crop plants such as oilseed rape, sunflower, soybean and palm. They are a major global commodity and contribute significantly to our bio-economy…

  • Unique spinal nerve cell activity discovery

    Scientists from the University of Leicester have hit upon unique forms of spinal nerve activity that shape output of nerve cell networks controlling motor behaviours…

  • Women may benefit more from eating oily fish than men

    New research, conducted at the University of Reading and funded by BBSRC, shows that oily fish is twice as healthy for women's hearts than men's and that in general fish oils could…

  • New evidence for epigenetic effects of diet on healthy ageing

    New research in human volunteers has shown that molecular changes to our genes, known as epigenetic marks, are driven mainly by ageing but are also affected by what we eat…

BBSRC Business connects our science with industry, policymakers and society.

Our funded research generates significant returns on investment for the UK economy and society. BBSRC Business is a specially edited showcase of news and features on research at various stages of development.

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