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Scientists and Schools

Scientists and Schools - 13-19 November 2014. Copyright: Elaine Jensen, IBERS and Mark Travis, University of Manchester
Date: 13-19 November 2014
Venue: Across the UK

What will be happening?

Our researchers will be visiting schools and taking part in events to coincide with science celebrations up and down Britain, such as Manchester Science Festival.

A summary of reports from participating researchers will be published on this website at a later date.

Information for researchers

How can you get involved?

What can you do?

There are lots of activities that interest young people and spark their enthusiasm for science, and many ways you can help teachers or parents provide an insight into the possibilities and opportunities scientific research offers. Here are just a few examples of commonly requested activities:

Who can take part?

Any researcher who wants to join us in celebrating 20 years of Pioneering Great British Bioscience.

Where can you get help and advice about engaging with schools?

Download our handbook.

Engaging schools and young people handbook (PDF 2.29MB)

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For further help see contact information below.

We recommend BBSRC funded researchers join the STEM Ambassadors Programme to make connections with schools and find out what you can do. They will also provide further training and support for your activities.

Join the STEM Ambassadors

For further help and advice see external links above.

Why are BBSRC organising Scientists and Schools?

One of the highlights of the BBSRC 20th anniversary is the Great British Bioscience Festival in London during November. Unfortunately not everyone will be in London, so for all our other researchers and schools across the UK we're organising Scientists and Schools.


We are marking our 20th Anniversary with a number of events throughout 2014. One of the highlights of the years' activities is the Great British Bioscience Festival to be held in London during November.

In conjunction with the Great British Bioscience Festival BBSRC researchers across the UK will be organising a week of activities for schools and young people - Scientists and Schools.

Unfortunately not everyone will be able to get to London in November, and with over 3,500 BBSRC-funded scientists across the UK we didn't want anyone to miss out. So we have decided to organise Scientists and Schools, an opportunity for all our researchers to share their science with pupils across the country.