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News from 2014 tagged as farming


Rising temperatures predicted to lower wheat yields press release

Black-grass Resistance Initiative gets battle underway news


TGAC and JIC identify new genetic markers to combat yellow rust disease in wheat press release

UK and India collaborate on future-proof crops BBSRC press release

A warming world may spell bad news for honey bees BBSRC press release

Plant co-existence: insights from a 171 year Rothamsted experiment press release

Research Councils scheme commits £1M to boost farming sustainability and productivity news

UK commits £20.5M to combat worldwide animal diseases that could spread to humans BBSRC press release


Research diary: plant clinics in Uganda feature 

Position statement on new crop breeding tools published by UK's major plant science funder BBSRC press release

£5M for agricultural innovation press release

Research paves way for new generation of fungicides press release

BBSRC and NERC fund initiatives to protect soils and safeguard global food security BBSRC press release

£6M research funding boost for farmed fish, shellfish and aquatic life news


Comments invited on BBSRC food security report news


Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Keith Goulding feature

TGAC help improve harvests by completing genome sequence of soil bacterium press release


The role of no-till agriculture in climate change mitigation may be over-stated press release

Bill Gates visits BBSRC investment press release

£18M of Agri-Tech funding for UK-led projects press release

£7M for new approaches to tackling bovine tuberculosis BBSRC press release

Scientists complete pig exome press release

New model for Bovine TB highlights emphasis on cattle press release

A sheep's early life experiences can shape behaviour in later life press release

DNA analysis reveals that queen bumblebees disperse far from their birthplace before setting up home news


Bloodsucking mite threatens UK honeybees BBSRC press release

Plants sense water in soil to grow roots in the right direction press release

Gene study shows how sheep first separated from goats press release

Root growth regulation could help boost crop performance BBSRC press release

Could spiders be the key to saving our bees? press release


Better understanding of disease resistance genes in crops news

Public-private research partnership to support sustainable agricultural systems BBSRC press release

New manure app to minimise losses and boost profit press release

Pesticides in bee decline – call for evidence-driven debate press release

Workshop to improve welfare of billions of hens news


Ticks help spread lumpy skin disease among cattle press release

Changing cows' diet could help tackle heart disease press release

KTP: Improving the health and well-being of dairy cows feature

Scientists grow longer lasting salad press release


£4M for Agricultural Innovation press release

New international partnership aims to unlock wheat's potential BBSRC press release

Advances in animal welfare research feature

CST report on GM science news

Light bursts from power cables seen by animals BBSRC press release

Scientists gain insights into pig disease which costs farmers millions BBSRC press release

Virtual bees help to unravel complex causes of colony decline BBSRC press release 


Biodiesel by-product could be used to protect soil quality press release

Princess Royal praises collaborations to safeguard livestock news

Flood-proofing farming: a grass roots approach press release

Managed honeybees linked to new diseases in wild bees BBSRC press release

GM spuds beat blight press release

Hidden crop pest threat to poorer nations revealed press release

Genetic chip will help salmon farmers breed better fish press release

Genetic find might lead to cattle that are more resistant to TB press release


Initiation of Pwllpeiran Upland Research Platform press release

Rothamsted Research submits application to Defra for permission to carry out GM field trial press release

Ramularia and the four 'Rs' press release

Safeguarding the future supply of our daily bread news

PhD students in India, Ethiopia and Kenya to fight wheat stripe rust press release

New discovery could stimulate plant growth and increase crop yields press release

Europe is short of 13 million honeybee colonies for crop pollination press release 

BBSRC-funded Rothamsted GM wheat field experimental work completed news