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News from 2017 tagged as health


Position and function of goat antibody genes identified at Pirbright 

Queen's researchers make killer superbug breakthrough press release

Scientists discover new mechanisms bacteria use to guard themselves from antibiotics press release

New fundamental biology may aid cancer treatments press release


New insight into foot-and-mouth disease virus could lead to improved vaccines news

Will I ever live forever? feature

Network science unravels the secrets of the evolution of Salmonella's disease adaptations video 

Healing molecule discovery could reduce limb amputations for diabetes patients press release

An engineering approach to the study of the brain feature

New method for understanding neurodegenerative diseases press release


Lab-grown bone cell breakthrough heralds new benefits for orthopaedics press release

Older wombs cause complications in pregnant mice press release


'Seeing' robot learns tricky technique for studying brain cells in mammals press release

Prizes for interdisciplinary team science news

Plant-produced polio vaccines could help eradicate age old disease press release

New study highlights how processing affects fat absorption from plant-based foods press release


Zebrafish study reveals clues to healing spinal cord injuries press release

New vaccine design shows promise in protecting against African Horse Sickness Virus press release

Cannibal cells may limit cancer growth press release

New study links antibiotic resistance to common household disinfectant triclosan press release


Insights from pig embryos shed light into early human development press release


Future of regenerative medicine looks bright with new funding boost press release

Immune study in chickens reveals key hurdle for Campylobacter vaccine effort press release

Scientists say they are a step closer to solving chronic bladder diseases press release

New 3D spheres replicate human cells to better study infection press release

Ageing can be good for you (if you're a yeast) press release


Queen's researchers make breakthrough in fight against superbug: klebsiella pneumonia press release

New antibiotic from bacteria found on an ant could beat MRSA press release

Priming Food Partnerships: Addressing challenges faced by the UK's food and drink industry BBSRC press release

Turning off the protein tap – a new clue to neurodegenerative disease press release

Researchers identify protein essential for healthy gut cell development press release


Paracetamol study could open door for way to treat liver damage press release

Finding new cancer drugs in the neighbourhood press release

Researchers reveal molecules responsible for ageing in immunity cells press release

UK plant science goes from strength to strength BBSRC press release

Study identifies brain's connections in keeping related memories distinct from each other press release

Research reveals surprising health benefits of chewing your food press release

New research sheds light on why older mothers are more likely to face birth complications press release

High-sugar diet programmes a short lifespan in flies press release

Scientists develop new antibiotic for gonorrhoea press release

Complete animal genomes become easier to map thanks to revolutionary new method press release