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News from 2014 tagged as microbes


Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction for some bacteria press release


Winners announced – Knit-a-bug: The Great British Bioscience Knitting Competition news


3D printed giant germs help visually impaired see the world of microorganisms video 

Great British bioscience pioneers – Dr Curtis Dobson feature

Great British Bioscience Festival: The science behind the exhibit – Many bugs make light work feature


'Office life' of bacteria may be their weak spot press release

Botulism's genetic triggers found press release


TGAC help improve harvests by completing genome sequence of soil bacterium press release

Newborns' genetic code sends infection distress signal, study finds press release

New veterinary vaccinology network will help tackle threat of animal diseases, including those spreading to humans BBSRC press release


Breakthrough in fight against deadly chicken disease press release

Sewage treatment contributes to antibiotic resistance news

New Science Minister announces 'war cabinet' to tackle antimicrobial resistance on all fronts press release

Engineering Synthetic Microbial Communities for Biomethane Production video 

New Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science press release


Bloodsucking mite threatens UK honeybees BBSRC press release


What fuels Salmonella's invasion strategy? press release

How bacteria exploit proteins to trigger potentially lethal infections press release


Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Sir David Hopwood feature

How plants become zombies press release

Scientists uncover bacterial war tactics press release


Viruses teach scientists new ways to cripple bacteria press release


York scientists investigate the fibre of our being press release

Research priorities reviewed to reduce Campylobacter food poisoning from poultry news