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News from 2014 tagged as press release


Rising temperatures predicted to lower wheat yields press release

Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction for some bacteria press release

Cognitive abilities age at different rates as our brains get older press release 

Bugs life: the nerve cells that make locusts 'gang up' press release

Scientists create ingredient that will make you feel fuller press release

Mother plants teach seeds about seasons and give them a thicker coat when it's cold press release

Gene study traces birds' family tree back to dinosaurs press release

Enterprising scientists bag prizes at business competition BBSRC press release

Gene critical to the development of low arsenic plants identified press release

Birds conform to local 'traditions' press release

Does stress in childhood make us more impulsive adults? press release

IFR announces new test for detecting horse meat press release

World's first artificial enzymes created using synthetic biology press release


TGAC and JIC identify new genetic markers to combat yellow rust disease in wheat press release

UK and India collaborate on future-proof crops BBSRC press release

A warming world may spell bad news for honey bees BBSRC press release

Winners announced: Images with Impact – The Great British Imaging Competition BBSRC press release

Plant co-existence: insights from a 171 year Rothamsted experiment press release

Great British Bioscience Festival inspires thousands of young 'scientists' BBSRC press release 

With age comes a better understanding of social signals press release

UK commits £20.5M to combat worldwide animal diseases that could spread to humans BBSRC press release

Molecular breakthrough could halt the spread of prostate cancer press release


Business Secretary Vince Cable opens pioneering new facilities to help protect the UK from viruses BBSRC press release

Outstanding researchers recognised by BBSRC Anniversary Awards BBSRC press release

Position statement on new crop breeding tools published by UK's major plant science funder BBSRC press release

The University of Manchester spin-out C4X Discovery AIMS high press release

Bristol team creates designer 'barrel' proteins press release

TGAC leads research to help identify animal-to-human transmitted diseases press release

£5M for agricultural innovation press release

Bump-and-hole approach brings protein breakthrough press release

Public vote now open for BBSRC's Images with Impact competition BBSRC press release

Dr Malcolm Rhodes to be awarded Peter Dunnill Award press release

Scientists find molecular trail that helps melanoma spread press release 

Research paves way for new generation of fungicides press release

BBSRC and NERC fund initiatives to protect soils and safeguard global food security BBSRC press release

Professor receives "National Friendship Award" from Chinese Government press release

£125M announced by Business Secretary Vince Cable for the next generation of scientists to drive the economy of the future BBSRC press release

Discovery helps to spot what makes a good drug press release


Plant variants point the way to improved biofuel production BBSRC press release

'Office life' of bacteria may be their weak spot press release

A big step towards more efficient photosynthesis press release

Botulism's genetic triggers found press release

New superfoods could help protein keep bodies healthy press release

Central RNA database launched press release

Barley business for beer brewing nets scientists enterprise funding press release

Plant insights could help develop crops for changing climates press release

Burnt out birds suggest hard work could be bad for your health press release

New sequence of naked mole rat genome aids cancer resistance research press release

Study reveals diverse molecular mechanisms underlying evolution press release


New research reveals the genetic basis for animal domestication press release

New study charts the global invasion of crop pests press release

Are you as old as what you eat? Researchers learn how to rejuvenate aging immune cells press release 

Babraham Institute opens laboratories for BBSRC Images with Impact Competition press release

TGAC help improve harvests by completing genome sequence of soil bacterium press release

Newborns' genetic code sends infection distress signal, study finds press release

New veterinary vaccinology network will help tackle threat of animal diseases, including those spreading to humans BBSRC press release

Machine learning advances help to tackle cancer press release

Clues to tendon ageing unlocked for the first time press release

How horses communicate with their ears press release

Tomatoes for cosmetics press release


Bees able to spot which flowers offer best rewards before landing, new research shows press release

The role of no-till agriculture in climate change mitigation may be over-stated press release

Bill Gates visits BBSRC investment press release

UK pupils triumph at the International Biology Olympiad press release

Four billion-year-old chemistry in cells today press release

Study shows how we metabolise folic acid risks overexposure press release

Breakthrough in fight against deadly chicken disease press release

Minister opens landmark new Centrum building at Norwich Research Park BBSRC press release

£18M of Agri-Tech funding for UK-led projects press release

Researchers develop new, powerful single-cell technique to study environmental effects on DNA BBSRC press release

New Science Minister announces 'war cabinet' to tackle antimicrobial resistance on all fronts press release

Worm study provides hope for deadly disease of the brain press release

New Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science press release

Signal may send cancer's cellular factories into overdrive press release

TGAC releases new genetic data to combat ash dieback epidemic press release

£7M for new approaches to tackling bovine tuberculosis BBSRC press release

Scientists complete pig exome press release

Anniversary Awards: Final chance to apply BBSRC press release

New model for Bovine TB highlights emphasis on cattle press release

A sheep's early life experiences can shape behaviour in later life press release


Bloodsucking mite threatens UK honeybees BBSRC press release

Images with Impact – BBSRC launches anniversary image competition BBSRC press release 

TGAC at the forefront of Next Generation Sequencing capability press release

£4M of diet and health research to benefit UK consumers BBSRC press release

Immune response affects sleep and memory – new study press release

Leukaemia drug found to stimulate immunity against many cancer types press release

Economic benefit of research at IBERS highlighted press release

The quest for long-lasting blood press release

Plants sense water in soil to grow roots in the right direction press release

New insights into biomass breakdown press release

Gene study shows how sheep first separated from goats press release

Root growth regulation could help boost crop performance BBSRC press release

Could spiders be the key to saving our bees? press release

UK invests in world's most advanced crystallography facility BBSRC press release

Great British Bioscience Festival exhibit starts its tour press release

BBSRC and NSF renew funding to improve photosynthesis to feed and fuel the world press release

Second language helps you stay sharp in later life, study shows press release


Breakthrough shows how DNA is 'edited' to correct genetic diseases press release

Public-private research partnership to support sustainable agricultural systems BBSRC press release

Planned new Food and Health Research Centre at Norwich Research Park press release

New manure app to minimise losses and boost profit press release

Pesticides in bee decline – call for evidence-driven debate press release

Protective proteins reduce damage to blood vessels BBSRC press release

Scientists create world-first 'heavy mouse' press release

Researchers and growers will work together to combat black-grass press release

TGAC hosts "NGS Data after the Gold Rush" with European partners press release

72 organisations sign Concordat on Openness on Animal Reseach in the UK press release

A synthetic biology approach to improve photosynthesis press release

What fuels Salmonella's invasion strategy? press release

How bacteria exploit proteins to trigger potentially lethal infections press release

Green vaccination: boosting plant immunity without side effects press release


UK Research Council funding data comes to life in two new visualisations press release

The Rothamsted Insect Survey celebrates 50 years of continuous operation press release

The future of Rothamsted gets laid down in stone press release

Sir John Beddington is appointed the New Chair of the Rothamsted Research Board of Directors press release

Neuroscientists discover brain circuits involved in emotion press release

Ticks help spread lumpy skin disease among cattle press release

New pain relief targets discovered press release

Changing cows' diet could help tackle heart disease press release

Rothamsted Research granted permission for new GM field trial press release

BBSRC announces new Council members press release

Scientists grow longer lasting salad press release

How plants become zombies press release

Running geese give insight into low oxygen tolerance press release

Scientists uncover bacterial war tactics press release

Producing more oil from seeds, the synthetic biology way press release

£12M for synthetic biology facilities and training BBSRC press release

BBSRC launch Anniversary Awards for Excellence in Bioscience BBSRC press release


New study finds strong link between obesity and 'carb breakdown' gene press release

£4M for Agricultural Innovation press release

New maps for navigating the genome unveiled by scientists press release

New international partnership aims to unlock wheat's potential BBSRC press release

New research projects to help save UK forests, woods and trees BBSRC press release

New insight: cells and long range transport press release

Scientists find mechanism to reset body clock press release

Human brains 'hard-wired' to visually track what we control press release

Light bursts from power cables seen by animals BBSRC press release

Scientists gain insights into pig disease which costs farmers millions BBSRC press release

Horses set to gain health benefits from stem cell advance press release

Virtual bees help to unravel complex causes of colony decline BBSRC press release 

BBSRC launches Anniversary Future Leader Fellowships BBSRC press release

New, bilateral pilot opportunity will fund collaborations between US and UK Bioscience Researchers BBSRC press release

BBSRC funds UK bioscience exhibits as part of 20th anniversary activities BBSRC press release


Biodiesel by-product could be used to protect soil quality press release

Report details the impact of the John Innes Centre press release

New Director for Rothamsted Research press release

Flood-proofing farming: a grass roots approach press release

Managed honeybees linked to new diseases in wild bees BBSRC press release

Scientists identify 'long distance scanner' for DNA damage press release

Mitosis mystery solved as role of key protein is confirmed press release

Molecular biology mystery unravelled press release

30 years of effective UK engagement in EU research press release

GM spuds beat blight press release

Hidden crop pest threat to poorer nations revealed press release

Can we ever mend a broken heart? press release 

How the genome keeps out unwanted intruders press release

Genetic chip will help salmon farmers breed better fish press release

Better treatment closer in fight against herpes press release

Genetic find might lead to cattle that are more resistant to TB press release

"Biology: Changing the World" wins Heritage Lottery Fund support press release

New research sheds light on fundamental neuro-hormone press release

High temperatures affect male fertility in plants press release

Secrets of potato blight evolution could help farmers fight back press release

New funding to create healthier and safer food press release

Viruses teach scientists new ways to cripple bacteria press release


Initiation of Pwllpeiran Upland Research Platform press release

Former Science Minister appointed Rainbow Seed Fund Advisory Chair press release

UK establishes three new synthetic biology research centres BBSRC press release

GM purple tomato harvest press release 

Rothamsted Research submits application to Defra for permission to carry out GM field trial press release

Pesticides linked to smaller worker bees press release

York scientists investigate the fibre of our being press release

Study finds mistimed sleep disrupts rhythms of genes press release

Branching for food: how nutrients remodel fruit fly vessels press release

Ramularia and the four 'Rs' press release

PhD students in India, Ethiopia and Kenya to fight wheat stripe rust press release

New discovery could stimulate plant growth and increase crop yields press release

BBSRC to sponsor UK teams in global synthetic biology competition press release

Europe is short of 13 million honeybee colonies for crop pollination press release 

Spinal nerve connections develop using simple rules press release

Branching out: from model plants to coppiced trees press release