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News from 2014 tagged as research


Rising temperatures predicted to lower wheat yields press release

Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction for some bacteria press release

Gene critical to the development of low arsenic plants identified press release

Black-grass Resistance Initiative gets battle underway news

IFR announces new test for detecting horse meat press release


Plant co-existence: insights from a 171 year Rothamsted experiment press release

Success for UK students in international synthetic biology competition news

British bioinformatics at the forefront of nanopore sequencing news

Imaging with added sparkle news


£5M for agricultural innovation press release

Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Johnathan Napier feature

BBSRC National Virology Centre crowned winner at British Construction Industry Awards news

Impacts of bioscience: 2000-2006 feature 

Professor receives "National Friendship Award" from Chinese Government press release


A big step towards more efficient photosynthesis press release

Botulism's genetic triggers found press release

Big science from small insects feature 

Central RNA database launched press release


Images with Impact Competition Open House news

Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Keith Goulding feature

Babraham Institute opens laboratories for BBSRC Images with Impact Competition press release

Machine learning advances help to tackle cancer press release

Secrets of animal camouflage research feature 


The role of no-till agriculture in climate change mitigation may be over-stated press release

Study shows how we metabolise folic acid risks overexposure press release

Minister opens landmark new Centrum building at Norwich Research Park BBSRC press release

Survey seeks to identify vulnerable research skills in the UK news

Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Richard Mithen feature

Animal foraging tactics unchanged for 50M years news


TGAC at the forefront of Next Generation Sequencing capability press release

Egg camouflage research animation feature 

UK invests in world's most advanced crystallography facility BBSRC press release

Multidisciplinary Synthetic Biology Research Centres call opens news


UK scientists asked to identify future facility requirements news

Planned new Food and Health Research Centre at Norwich Research Park press release

New manure app to minimise losses and boost profit press release

From muscle in motion to exercise in ageing feature 

Great British Bioscience: Bioenergy feature

Researchers and growers will work together to combat black-grass press release

TGAC hosts "NGS Data after the Gold Rush" with European partners press release

A synthetic biology approach to improve photosynthesis press release

Oxford Spy ring boiled alive news

What fuels Salmonella's invasion strategy? press release

CASE Studentship studies part one – Stephanie Heard feature


The Rothamsted Insect Survey celebrates 50 years of continuous operation press release

£6M to help early bioscience companies flourish news

The future of Rothamsted gets laid down in stone press release

Sir John Beddington is appointed the New Chair of the Rothamsted Research Board of Directors press release

Rothamsted Research granted permission for new GM field trial press release

Scientists uncover bacterial war tactics press release

Producing more oil from seeds, the synthetic biology way press release

Impacts of bioscience: 1994-1999 feature 


Proposed new Food & Health Research Centre at the Norwich Research Park news

Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Dame Janet Thornton feature

BBSRC and NSF co-fund international Arabidopsis resource news


Biodiesel by-product could be used to protect soil quality press release

Flood-proofing farming: a grass roots approach press release

New Director for Rothamsted Research press release

Managed honeybees linked to new diseases in wild bees BBSRC press release

The camouflage games: can you spot the bird? feature 

How bacteria communicate with us to build a special relationship news


Initiation of Pwllpeiran Upland Research Platform press release

UK establishes three new synthetic biology research centres BBSRC press release

3D cell culture set for space feature 

Rothamsted Research submits application to Defra for permission to carry out GM field trial press release

New discovery could stimulate plant growth and increase crop yields press release

BBSRC-funded Rothamsted GM wheat field experimental work completed news

Branching out: from model plants to coppiced trees press release