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Food security news from 2012


Poultry and cattle farming to benefit from new funding  press release

Turning up the heat on plant sex  feature

Food chain quality given Royal launch  press release

Improving plant photosynthesis to increase crop yields  press release

£11M food technology funding puts innovation back on the menu  news

Ancient regions of DNA show short cut to crop advances  news

Towards a universal avian influenza vaccine  press release


New multinational wheat initiative aims to raise global yields and develop new varieties  news

Industry responds to wheat genome research  news

Major breakthrough in deciphering bread wheat's genetic code  press release

Rapeseed oil gets biotech boost  press release

Coordinating Action in Plant Sciences – call will boost molecular plant sciences  news

Major international push to maximise bioscience research to help world's poorest farmers  press release

£12M funding to tackle devastating livestock and poultry viruses  press release

Pig genome could save our bacon  press release

The Pirbright Institute opens new laboratory doors to the public  news

Could chloroplast hold key to fruit ripening in crops?  press release


Combined pesticide exposure linked to impaired bumblebee colony success  press release 

Barley genome could hold key to better beer  press release

Chris Packham helps test cutting-edge soil sampling  video 

Declines in ground beetle biodiversity found in UK  press release

Small weed helps unravel complex plant defence system  news

Shaping a UK agri-tech strategy: call for evidence  news

Bristol researchers help reveal the true magic of mushrooms  press release

DNA sequencing to create new rice variety with greater health benefits  press release

Plant eating insects can drive the evolution of plants  news


High risk of disease in oilseed rape predicted for this season  press release

Bumblebees find efficient routes without a GPS  press release

Big questions in agriculture need bigger experiments  feature 

Assessing a new technique for ensuring fresh produce remains Salmonella-free  press release

Bid to help save our trees from pests and diseases  press release

Rothamsted scientists identify growing threat to cereal crops  press release


10-240 million migrant moths will reach the UK this spring  press release

Food prices and waste are hot topics of public survey  press release

Untangling nature's secrets  feature 

Bioscience to battle global hunger  press release

Scientists confirm Schmallenberg still circulating  press release

Natural magic to counter witchweed crop menace  feature


Report highlights impacts of Rural Economy and Land Use programme  news

Sequencing technology helps reveal what plant genomes really encode  press release

DNA vaccines and the future of disease control  feature

Midge genome: Reinforcing the war against viruses  press release 

Training could improve value of agri-environment schemes, say researchers  press release

$12M UK-US collaboration to rethink fertilisers for farming  press release

$3M earmarked for Pirbright to coordinate world FMD reference labs  press release

Agri-Food Course is 'Training Scheme of the Year'  news


Researchers discover potential new weapon against African crop pests  press release

New website to support wheat research  news

The Arab Spring and the spread of animal disease  feature

New insight gained into how plants may fight diseases  press release

New programme brings companies together to combat animal disease  press release

Rothamsted and BBSRC launch "20:20 Wheat ®"  press release

Why is it so difficult to trace the origins of food poisoning outbreaks?  press release


International consortium sequences tomato genome  press release 

Launch of globally unique farm research platform  press release

How plants chill out  press release

New insights into Campylobacter food poisoning bug  press release

Foot-and-mouth scientist receives international award  press release

Plans for China-UK Centre of Excellence for plant research  press release

Barley takes a leaf out of reindeer's book in the land of the midnight sun  press release


Fine mapping wheat genes  press release

Plant perfumes woo beneficial bugs  press release

Science and industry club together to deliver better crops  press release

Findings on aphid symbiosis could provide new insecticide targets  press release

Feeling the heat  feature

New global assessment on soil biodiversity  press release

Pan-European programme launches first food security initiative  press release

Tackle fungal forces for food security, say scientists  press release

Exposure to stomach acid primes Campylobacter for intestinal infection  press release

Feeding wild birds shown to reduce insect pests  press release


Rothamsted Wheat Trial : Second generation GM technology to emulate natural plant defence mechanisms  press release

Puzzle solved as maize pest reveals its Achilles heel  press release

Why spring is blooming marvellous (and climate change makes it earlier)  press release

Ideas Lab aims to reduce reliance on fertilizers  news

New £15M programme to stimulate food industry sector growth  press release

New research could make it easier to grow health-promoting blood oranges  press release

Clock gene helps plants prepare for spring  press release


BBSRC funding at forefront of fight against livestock disease  news

Joining forces to defeat wheat disease  feature

Farm 'weeds' have crucial role in sustainable agriculture  press release

New research to help eliminate most common food poisoning bug  press release

£7M public funding available for research to deliver better fruit and veg  press release


Discovery of plant 'nourishing gene' brings hope for increased crop seed yield and food security  press release

Predators hunt for a balanced diet  press release

World-class facilities for virus research  feature