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Food security news from 2013


Scientists reveal mechanism to combat Turnip mosaic virus news

A new tool in the fight against bee parasite press release

Crop-infecting virus forces aphids to spread disease press release

Octocopter to monitor crops press release


Profile of a honey bee killer news

Crop plants – "green factories" for fish oils press release

Poultry probiotic's coat clues to ability to battle bugs press release

The emergence of new crop pests: genetics in action press release

£13M India-UK collaboration in farmed animal health and disease BBSRC press release

New chromosome map points the way through Campylobacter's genetic controls news

Improved ways of testing meat in the food chain news


BBSRC funding helps Scottish beekeepers map honeybee health news

Researchers show how plants tell the time BBSRC press release

Disease found on common wild grass affects barley crops press release

Multi-million pound boost for innovation in agricultural technology news

Stress linked to bee colony failure press release

Wheat defence against Septoria: two genes in the front line press release


Minister launches research centre with bird welfare at its heart press release

British baked bean bid press release 

The science behind the super broccoli press release

Promiscuity and sperm selection improves genetic quality in birds press release


UK & USA scientists collaborate to design crops of the future BBSRC press release

Chick prebiotics could be key to better gut health in flocks BBSRC press release

Cut grass smell is key to healthier dairy products press release

Urban meadows planted to promote pollinators press release

BBSRC and The Scottish Government announce £3M to fund research into some of the world's most important crops BBSRC press release

BBSRC Bee Science on BBC Horizon news


Eating broccoli retunes metabolism press release

'Bacterial raincoat' found to protect bacteria from the environment press release

Secret of plant geometry revealed press release 

€10.5M call for food security and land-use research launched news

New timeline showcases Research Council investment in agri-science news

BBSRC welcomes UK Agricultural Technology Strategy BBSRC press release

Why crop rotation works press release

A wet year? Nearly 1 billion litres of rain fell on UK research centre in 2012 press release

Calculator counts the cost of pig disease news

Discovery of a gene that controls black-grass resistance offers prospect of better weed control news

£400,000 to build mutant potato 'library' BBSRC press release

Breeding better British strawberries BBSRC press release


Trehalose - a sugar for all seasons press release

Plants do sums to get through the night press release

BBSRC, Rothamsted Research and John Innes join forces at Cereals 2013 news

Rothamsted Research is granted permission by Defra to plant autumn-sown wheat as part of its GM field trial news

The worrying emergence of insecticide resistance in crop pests press release

Major funding for research into predicting the health and welfare of dairy cows press release

Funding to help understand soil's key role in global food security BBSRC press release

To germinate, or not to germinate, that is the question press release

Red oilseed rape signals STOP! to pollen beetle infestation press release


Advice for future wheat research published news

Unkempt land could benefit farmers press release

Chelsea gold for 'Food for the Future' exhibit news

The world's favourite fruit only better-tasting and longer-lasting press release

An international vision for wheat improvement BBSRC press release 

Reducing the environmental impacts of fertiliser use news

Wheat breeding science offers greater yields press release

Plants use underground networks to warn of enemy attack news

H7N9: A novel influenza virus news


New grass hybrid could help reduce the likelihood of flooding BBSRC press release

Breeding better beer feature

Pig disease that costs millions targeted by genetic study BBSRC press release

Higher levels of healthy compound in Beneforté broccoli news

Midges tracked by new Indian Bluetongue Vector Network video 

Breeding better chickens website launched news

What lives inside a chicken? feature 

Crop genomics and technologies – update to call news


Appetite genes are key to better diets for poultry, study shows press release

New foot-and-mouth vaccine signals huge advance in global disease control press release

Pesticide combination affects bees' ability to learn BBSRC press release

Poultry probiotic cuts its coat to beat bad bacteria press release

International call for crop improvement projects launched news

Pig wasting syndrome costing farmers millions BBSRC press release

Rothamsted Research submits application for extension of GM wheat trial news

Quality fish from lab to plate press release

Plants let chloroplasts know the time press release

An insect model for Schmallenberg virus replication press release

New study hopes to reduce bone fractures in laying hens press release

New poultry research facilities BBSRC press release

Bees get a buzz from caffeine press release

Livestock research initiative has greater sustainability goal press release

Sci-fi facilities for UK plant science feature 


Crowdsourcing killer outbreaks feature 

Planting wildflowers on farmland helps spiders news

Under the bar: acrylamide and food safety feature


The need to feed programmes Campylobacter's 'Sat Nav' press release

War report: fighting armyworms feature 

Friendly bacteria show key role in "priming" plant defences press release

European strategy to tackle great challenges of agriculture and food security under climate change news

Using their genes against them: fighting insect pests with genetic targeting feature

The cannibalistic foreign slug which could threaten UK crops and biodiversity feature

BBSRC invests in future of livestock genomics news