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Fundamental bioscience news from 2013


How the eye regulates your body clock: Ri Christmas Advent Calendar 2013 Chromosome 10  feature 


Bright eyes: Study finds reindeers' eyes change colour with Arctic seasons  BBSRC press release 

Who's eating my eggs?  feature 


Cuckoo finches bamboozle foster parents with multiple eggs  news

Cell 'scaffold' is the key to plant growth  BBSRC press release


Alpha males don't have all the advantages  press release

Gamers to join ash dieback fight-back  press release 

Bacteria reveal clues to trade-offs in investments and evolution  press release


Cell fate secrets revealed  news

Longer 'sausage dogs' at risk of slipped discs  news

Insect muscle study could inspire robot and prosthetic limbs  press release


Old albatrosses give parenting last push  news

Bioscience to battle ash dieback  BBSRC press release


Research suggests meerkat predator-scanning behaviour is altruistic  press release

Declines in UK moth species 'potentially catastrophic'  press release


Tree health and plant biosecurity collaborative research opportunity  news

Scientists identify new 'social' chromosome in the red fire ant  press release