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Research technologies news from 2013


Proteomics tool points to new malaria drug target  press release

BBSRC announces £10M of funding for advanced scientific equipment  BBSRC press release

BBSRC and MRC renew investment in structural biology software  BBSRC press release

Funding for new bioscience facilities at Diamond Light Source  press release


Changing the conversation – polymers disrupt bacterial communication…  press release

All aboard the nanotrain network  press release

BioLayout Express3D: for visualising biological networks  video 

Synthetic biology enterprise boost as new fund opens for business  BBSRC press release


£75M investment in bioinformatics  news

A community based approach for tackling the post-genomic data deluge  news


How I discovered ash dieback (and what we're doing about it)  feature 

BBSRC-funded technology set for space experiments  news

Moving genes have scientists seeing spots  press release

Second phase of rice project kicks off in Vietnam  press release

BBSRC shows UK commitment to European bioinformatics agreement  press release


Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Synthetic Biology  news

Minister announces UK funding to build world-first synthetic yeast  BBSRC press release

Genetics Garden open to the public  news


Genome sequence for ash dieback survivor  press release

Plankton genome sheds light into making fish oils  press release

New tracking technology: Botswanan big cats to Surrey house cats  news

Minister opens new facilities at the Babraham Research Campus  news


BBSRC is major partner in new €15M Europe-wide synthetic biology funding  news

Coming soon: Multi-disciplinary research centres in synthetic biology  news


Synthetic biology: nanoscopic cages for big applications  press release


Researchers pair experiments with computer models to peer into cells  news

£5.3M in leading-edge bioscience  press release


Commercial future for model gut  news

Resolution revolution for UK research  press release

Crowd sourcing for biology  news