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Health news from 2014


Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction for some bacteria press release

Cognitive abilities age at different rates as our brains get older press release 

Gene critical to the development of low arsenic plants identified press release

Does stress in childhood make us more impulsive adults? press release

World's first artificial enzymes created using synthetic biology press release


Ferret genome study provides respiratory system clues news

UK commits £20.5M to combat worldwide animal diseases that could spread to humans BBSRC press release

Molecular breakthrough could halt the spread of prostate cancer press release


The University of Manchester spin-out C4X Discovery AIMS high press release

TGAC leads research to help identify animal-to-human transmitted diseases press release

Bump-and-hole approach brings protein breakthrough press release

Scientists find molecular trail that helps melanoma spread press release 

Scientists find the good side of cholesterol news

BBSRC Science Snapshots news

Discovery helps to spot what makes a good drug press release


'Office life' of bacteria may be their weak spot press release

Botulism's genetic triggers found press release

New superfoods could help protein keep bodies healthy press release

20 years of healthy ageing feature

Burnt out birds suggest hard work could be bad for your health press release

New sequence of naked mole rat genome aids cancer resistance research press release

Babraham labs through a lens news


Are you as old as what you eat? Researchers learn how to rejuvenate aging immune cells press release 

Drugs used to treat lung disease work with the body clock news

Newborns' genetic code sends infection distress signal, study finds press release

New veterinary vaccinology network will help tackle threat of animal diseases, including those spreading to humans BBSRC press release

BBSRC Science Snapshots news

Machine learning advances help to tackle cancer press release

Clues to tendon ageing unlocked for the first time press release


Study shows how we metabolise folic acid risks overexposure press release

Sewage treatment contributes to antibiotic resistance news

Researchers develop new, powerful single-cell technique to study environmental effects on DNA BBSRC press release

BBSRC Science Snapshots news

New Science Minister announces 'war cabinet' to tackle antimicrobial resistance on all fronts press release

Worm study provides hope for deadly disease of the brain press release

Researchers use 'Big Data' approach to map the relationships between human and animal diseases feature

Signal may send cancer's cellular factories into overdrive press release

BBSRC Science Snapshots news


£4M of diet and health research to benefit UK consumers BBSRC press release

BBSRC Science Snapshots news

BBSRC Science Snapshots news

Immune response affects sleep and memory – new study press release

Leukaemia drug found to stimulate immunity against many cancer types press release

The quest for long-lasting blood press release

Second language helps you stay sharp in later life, study shows press release


Breakthrough shows how DNA is 'edited' to correct genetic diseases press release

From muscle in motion to exercise in ageing feature 

Protective proteins reduce damage to blood vessels BBSRC press release

BBSRC Food, Nutrition & Health Dialogue report published news

Scientists create world-first 'heavy mouse' press release

What fuels Salmonella's invasion strategy? press release

Workshop to improve welfare of billions of hens news

How bacteria exploit proteins to trigger potentially lethal infections press release


Neuroscientists discover brain circuits involved in emotion press release

New pain relief targets discovered press release

Changing cows' diet could help tackle heart disease press release

KTP: Improving the health and well-being of dairy cows feature

Running geese give insight into low oxygen tolerance press release


New study finds strong link between obesity and 'carb breakdown' gene press release

New insight: cells and long range transport press release

Scientists find mechanism to reset body clock press release

Human brains 'hard-wired' to visually track what we control press release

Light bursts from power cables seen by animals BBSRC press release

Horses set to gain health benefits from stem cell advance press release


Princess Royal praises collaborations to safeguard livestock news

Homing in on the mosquito news

Can we ever mend a broken heart? press release 

Helping to mend broken hearts news

Intimacy visualised in the brain news

How bacteria communicate with us to build a special relationship news

How the genome keeps out unwanted intruders press release

Better treatment closer in fight against herpes press release

Genetic find might lead to cattle that are more resistant to TB press release

New research sheds light on fundamental neuro-hormone press release

New funding to create healthier and safer food press release

Viruses teach scientists new ways to cripple bacteria press release


York scientists investigate the fibre of our being press release

Study finds mistimed sleep disrupts rhythms of genes press release

Branching for food: how nutrients remodel fruit fly vessels press release

Research priorities reviewed to reduce Campylobacter food poisoning from poultry news

Spinal nerve connections develop using simple rules press release

Lab grown cells offer hope for new liver disease treatments news