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Joint workshop to provide early input into Global Food Security priorities

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8 June 2011

Global Food Security and Foresight are holding a workshop in London today to explore how the GFS programme can address the findings of the Foresight's recent Global Food and Farming Futures report.

BBSRC is a partner in the Global Food Security programme.

The Global Food Security programme published its strategic plan earlier this year, highlighting four research themes in economic resilience, resource efficiency, sustainable food production and supply and sustainable, healthy, safe diets. The themes cover many of the challenges outlined by the Foresight report and detailed in the associated research paper, Top 100 questions of importance for the future of global agriculture

The joint Global Food Security and Foresight workshop, chaired by the Global Food and Farming Futures Chairman, Professor Charles Godfray, will help to guide the programme's prioritisation of which food security challenges it should target first and suggest ways to begin to address them.

Professor Janet Allen, Interim Chair of the Global Food Security Programme Coordination Group, said: "The Foresight report on Global Food and Farming Futures was a landmark piece of work in bringing into focus the key challenges that we must overcome to prevent a food security crisis in the coming decades. This joint workshop with Foresight is one of the first events we have held since the publication of the Global Food Security programme strategic plan and will provide crucial input into which global food and agriculture questions we seek to tackle first."



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